Introducing My New Scanner

My family is in a unique situation in that my Mom’s household, my Dad, and my household are all moving at exactly the same time. Dad made the move first but it’s into a place that it actively being renovated so all of my birthday presents were packed … and have stayed packed. That meant that about two weeks ago my Dad asked what I wanted for my birthday, ha! I was pretty excited because it meant that I could get new porch furniture, that Sailor Moon print I was gushing over, and the new scanner above.

It’s the Canon CanoScan LiDE110 and it’s very inexpensive, only $55 on Amazon with free shipping. That’s where Dad got it from and I left out some collages so I could test it last night. The conclusion? I love it! It’s much higher DPI than the scanner I had before (which isn’t saying much, I suppose, since that thing was ancient) and it’s very easy to use. The scans come out beautifully with no need for tweaking colors, just a quick crop and you’re done. If you’re looking for an inexpensive but nice scanner for your ATCs I give it a thumbs up.

Now I’m off to pack some more, go post-birthday shopping with my BFF, and scope out some new living room furniture, whee!

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