Fashion: Alexander McQueen Spring 2013

Sarah Burton continues to be one of my heroes with her amazing bee-themed Spring 2013 collection for Alexander McQueen. My favorite is one of the last pieces to stomp the runway, it’s a beautiful all-gold queen bee ensemble, and I love the interpretation of beekeeper hats that pervades the whole collection. I’m not sure the cage (hive?) skirt is necessary, but I love them, even if they’ve been “done.” Ms. Burton sure has my number! More favorites are below …

The first looks down the runway used this amazing honeycomb fabric. I’m not usually attracted to black and gold but these looks are so striking. The amber accents are all through the collection too, they call to mind concentrated honey.

I’m also charmed by the looks that carry a pseudo-southern belle vibe to them. The mesh makes me think of the mesh that comes around fruit some times. Maybe it’s a reference to honey packaging? It makes me think of “Gone With the Wind” if it were set in outer space in 2020 … I hope it’s obvious that I’m complimenting it.

This look appeared on the runway right before the gold look that opened the post. It’s striking and makes me think of a dark queen bee. The silhouette is amazing too, so beautiful! The images via Tom & Lorenzo and Style where you can view the whole collection, a gallery of the rest of my favorites can be found below. I also found a pretty neat backstage video if you are so inclined.

~ Brigitte

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