Collage Retrospective 2012: Gemstone ATCs

ATC 1212 Amethyst  ATC 1229 Opal

As 2012 ends I thought it would be fun to take a look back at a few of the collage series that were an ongoing part of the year. The gemstone series was an easy favorite for me, perhaps solely because I love the stones so much. Above are ATCs #1212 Amethyst and #1229 Opal. You can click any of the images to view them larger.

ATC 1217 Topaz  ATC 1246 Turquoise

Next up we have #1217 Topaz and #1246 Turquoise; these two are among my favorite ATCs of the year. Topaz is my birthstone and I always thought it was pretty boring so this was my effort to make it super cool. How? By adding McQueen and skulls of course! For Turquoise its partially because I’m in love with the main image and partially because turquoise is my favorite semi-precious stone.

ATC 1256 Garnet  ATC 1258 Blue Topaz

#1256 Garnet and #1258 Blue Topaz were made in close succession; there was a point in the year where I really wanted to finish this series, but as the year closes I have to admit that more than a few never came to pass. Blue Topaz really should have been Aquamarine, and I doubt anyone but me would have known, but the stones in the collage really are topaz so I couldn’t bring myself to title it any other way. Silly!

ATC 1261 Diamond  ATC 1262 Emerald

Alexander McQueen should probably get its own series in the 2012 retrospective, I used their beautiful clothes (all of which are Sarah Burton era I believe) more than any other I’m sure. For #1261 Diamond I wanted to do something unexpected so I went lavender. For #1262 Emerald was the opposite, I wanted something that felt very earthy and green.

ATC 1264 Aquamarine  ATC 1274 Yellow Diamond

#1264 Aquamarine I honestly ended up being disappointed with, like I lost the plot somewhere while I was making it. Last but not least is #1274 Yellow Diamond, like Blue Topaz I just couldn’t resist making a color variant for diamond. For the birthstones series that was at the core of all this I will have to add pearl (which I nearly had done), ruby, peridot, and sapphire to complete the set. A good goal for 2013!

~ Brigitte

PS: Would you believe it, this is my 2,012th post, woah!

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