ATC #1276 Well That’s Just Dandy

ATC 1276 Well That's Just Dandy

Title: Well That’s Just Dandy
Size: 2.5″ x 3.5″
Status: Adopted

One of the things I always grouse about is losing the little snippets (usually literally) of information about sources for my collages; this is one of those times. I had a little snippet cutout of the designer’s name for this look and it seems to have wandered off, probably into the trash. I thought it was Burberry Prorsum, but shows what I know, I can’t find any evidence of that at all. The extra disappointing part of that is that I would wear this look in a heartbeat. It’s amazing! I also believe that it came in solidly before the menswear phenomenon really took off, but who knows.

The gold chains were used heavily in “Erdem” and the cream-and-brown pattern was used for “Turquoise.” You know I’ve love to re-use my scraps. This ATC was a part of my Dad’s Xmas present this year, my biggest fan, aww. If you happen to know who designed it, be a peach and leave a comment please.

~ Brigitte

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