ATC #1277 Alexander McQueen Fall 2012 II

ATC 1277 Alexander McQueen Fall 2012 II

Title: Alexander McQueen Fall 2012 II
Size: 2.5″ x 3.5″
Status: Not Available

I had this page sitting on my desk for too long – so long that it somehow became an accidental coaster and the corner got puckered. I was relieved when it was soothed by the glue stick into some semblance of flatness. I had been waiting to make this ATC forever, when something is so perfect (the unaltered McQueen Fall 2012 RTW look on a light gray page) it’s hard to think of what else you can do with it.

Alexander McQueen Fall 2012I think that must be the issue that fashion editors have with it, the piece (which you can see above, image via is so wonderful and perfectly styled that most editorials that feature it keep the styling exactly the same. Of course the few editorials I’ve seen that try to restyle it feel awkward so maybe there’s something to be said for leaving well enough alone. I’m almost out of 2012 collages to post, I really need to make some new ones.

~ Brigitte

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