Adventures in Framing: Yoskay Yamamoto Print

Yoskay Yamamoto Diesel Fuel Print

Since I am in the process of having a lot of my collection framed right now I thought it would be fun to start an “Adventures in Framing” feature. I’m told that most art collectors spend more money on properly framing a piece than on the art itself – one of the odd ironies of being a serious collector – and one just assumes the value of the art will “catch up” one day. It’s also about respecting the art and artist enough to keep something in a shipping tube until you can do it justice rather than slapping an Ikea fame on it and tossing it up on the wall without UV protection (no judgement, we have all been guilty of this). Also, I kind of don’t give two figs about the value of the art, I collect art for the love of it, but there’s a logic behind that line of reasoning even if it’s not mine.

Instagram, not color-accurate, but fancy!

The piece that I am the most excited about getting back is “Diesel Fuel” (title presumed) by Yoskay Yamamoto. It’s an absolutely gorgeous print and almost exactly two years ago he sold 10 AP (artist proofs) on his website. The original print was only an edition of 60 and it was made for a kind of out-of-the-way “gallery” by (I believe) Diesel printing so it’s not exactly a well known piece of his. It’s also not on the main gallery of his website, which is surprising to me because, as far as I’m concerned, it’s one of his best pieces.

No, thank you!

The print came in a sturdy cardboard package shipped flat (thank goodness) and included a bunch of pretty bonus postcards as well as a small thank you note, yay! The print measures 12″ x 12″ square and is a silkscreen with spray paint accents, but the APs come with gold accents which are a lovely addition. The weight of the paper is really nice, which is a relief because with a full bleed print like this you almost have no choice but to float it when framing. I have it over a 2″ mat of silk linen that’s mostly iris but has some vari-colored bits in in too. The frame itself is gold, which I usually shy away from, but this piece really calls for it. I think this print will look amazing when it comes home so I’m very excited to see it. I will post photos when it arrives back and hopefully this feature idea isn’t a snooze!

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