My Collection: Calico Archipelago by Becky and Frank

Calico Archipelago by Becky and Frank

I’m currently working on posting my collection here, and I would be remiss if I left out “Calico Archipelago” by Becky and Frank. This piece is from their Capture Creatures show at Gallery Nucleus, which is one of my absolute favorite contemporary art galleries.

The idea for the show is that they would make their own versions of the original 151 Pokemon and call them Capture Creatures, then each original watercolor (gouache specifically) would be available, simply framed, for $151. Good deal. It was rolled out over the course of a year so I was very excited when the pieces became available for sale.

Calico Archipelago Framed

I had a list of three pieces I had marked as my top picks when the show opened and this piece was number three. Now that I have it home I’m so thrilled that the other two were sold out, because this piece is so beautiful in person I can’t imagine not seeing it on my wall every day. Wonderfully enough it can be taken completely out of the context of the show and it still has narrative and depth.

I am absolutely convinced that I took home one of the best pieces from this show (for me). This is important because when ever a huge, multi-piece show goes online at once, one always risks suffering scramblers fallacy (which, similar to gamblers fallacy, makes the person think that their increasing compromises are actually great ideas). Also I just made up the term “scramblers fallacy” and will keep using it because it is useful and accurate.

Images via Capture Creatures and Gallery Nucleus

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