My Collection: Celeste by Rudy Fig

Celeste (Galactic Space Babe) by Rudy Fig

I’m super excited that I was able to pick up “Celeste (Galactic Space Babe)” by Rudy Fig from her Black Friday Sale last night. Her oil paintings are out of my price range – though they are stunning – so I was excited to be able to get this piece, which is the size of a business card, for only $20. There are still a bunch of these mini originals available in her shop as well as some drawings, prints, and a few sculptures.

It was hard to decide which to get, but I picked “Celeste” because I love how strange the disembodied head is and the colors are really beautiful. It’s so her style and adorable, I’m in love with this tiny artwork. The hand-cut edges are making me a little nervous, I would have loved a 1″ margin and straight edges, but that’s just for framing reasons. I’m very excited to see this piece in person and will definitely post about it when it arrives home!

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