My Collection: Becky and Frank Commission

A while back Becky and Frank opened commissions for “Capture Creature Style” watercolors and I immediately got in line. I asked them for a painting of my rat, Estlin, with Lunar New Year elements. The piece is home and it’s quite large, almost filling the 8.5 x 11 paper, which I actually don’t love, I wanted it to be the same ratio as my other Capture Creatures piece, so now they really don’t go together. I know that’s a really strange complaint, but there it is. I will probably just put a large mat on it for framing to balance out the aspect ratio, maybe it’s having a painting of a rat that’s 3x bigger than a painting of a cat, yet they are in the same style … something is messing with my brain. That’s not to say that I don’t love it, because I do, I just love to complain too, apparently.

Their Tumblr post of this piece has nearly 300 notes which is awesome, I can’t believe people are so excited about something I commissioned, it’s a cool feeling.

2 thoughts on “My Collection: Becky and Frank Commission

  1. Ingrid Sousa (@magnolica)

    Oh, it’s wonderful! I love their style of illustration (and the Tiny Kitten Teeth webcomic). I hope you do manage to balance it out so that you’ll like seeing the two pieces together – the other one is very lovely as well. ^_^


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