ATC #1301 Fire Opal

ATC 1301 Fire Opal

ATC #1301 “Fire Opal”
Paper Collage, 2.5″ x 3.5″

Posting an older collage today in an attempt to get all of my archives updated. I actually posted this ATC a while back on another blog, but I keep changing my mind where I should post things and it got deleted somehow. The burden of the fickle-hearted, I suppose. This ATC features many opals, as many as I could find in fact, framing a piece by Milly. I’ve really grown to love their work as the years go by. I’ve also started to sell my collages again so you can adopt it, if you please, from my Storenvy shop. I’ve been making more collages recently too and hopefully I can keep it up over the summer when I have time to work. On the whole I’m very excited/happy/ready to get back in the studio!

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