Collection Cube: Gothic

Collection Cube: Gothic

I’ve been working on displaying all of my collectables in the 2×4 Ikea bookshelves and I thought I’d post a photo since I just got a new addition: the Day of the Dead cat figurine from Shanalogic. You can see it on the table on the left alongside the cat nerd Momiji (shop pic below). You can also see my Dal Angry by h. Naoto, Junko Mizuno toys, Super7 Pocket Gator and Pocket Killer figures, Sneaky Raccoon Dunny, a Halloween cat dish from Target, yeti toy, skull bottles, and a really old Beanie Baby rat. Really runs the gamut from fancy to not fancy, but I have pretty eclectic taste. Looks like I need something on the walls to make it look better, but still, it’s not a bad start! Today is the second day of summer for me (though summer school starts soon) and I’m hoping to have my shelves in good shape by the time we got back to school.

Photo from Shanalogic

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