Studio Portrait Friday, June 5th Edition

Studio Photos June 5th

Normally I post Studio Portrait Friday on, um, Friday, but these photos are from Friday and I couldn’t wait to share! I will be back at Shanalogic soon with a custom designed kokeshi collection and I have progress shots to share. The blue trio is above with their faces all done up and waiting embellishments. (If you know you want one now contact her and I’m sure she will help you out!)

Studio Photos June 5th

Next up are the blue-haired taupe girls also waiting for embellishments. These two sets were designed to be similar to Sky and Snow, some of my first kokeshi dolls. I tried to give each girl her own, unique expression, no two are ever alike.

Studio Photos June 5th

Then it was outside to the porch where I got to do some good, old-fashioned splatter painting on the kokeshi bodies. I lived in one apartment without a porch and I had to use a cardboard box to splatter paint there, it was very inconvenient! Now I can just lay out a drop cloth and go crazy.

Studio Photos June 5th

Here’s what my hand and palette look like after a proper splatter session: chaotic mess, but also oddly pretty. You can notice too that the light on the porch is super nice, I’ve been working inside at night and I’ve had to use a (yellow) lamp so lots of my photos are yellow-ey. Maybe I’ll move my studio space again soon since I’ve been working in it more.

Studio Photos June 5th

Ta-da! The six girls with their fancy new bodies. Next step is to pearl coat and gloss them, secure the heads, and then my favorite: embellishing time! I could not be happier to be making things again, especially kokeshi. I had no idea how much I missed it until I started up again. The first two years of teaching High School were so overwhelming I feel like I lost two years of my life (in an amazing way, I love teaching). Now I’m teaching summer school, but it’s only four hours, four days a week, so I’m hoping to have a super crafty summer.

Studio Photos June 5th

I also have two older kokeshi who I put finishing work into on Friday. In the foreground I splattered the orange gal and gave her a little nose. In the background I gave the Day of the Dead girl a nose and will be embellishing her. She needs flowers in her hair. The orange girl is ready to go, if you want to adopt her drop me a line, otherwise I am saving her for local craft shows (Florida).

Studio Photos June 5th

Finally, in unrelated news, I got my Snow and Ice edition Negora in the mail. I’m crazy about Negora (the cutest cat kaiju ever) and I’m working on adding them to my collection. They sell out so fast though and I’ve missed so many. Luckily I got this one on ebay for a tiny bit of a deal, so I was thrilled. I’ll post more collection cube photos soon so you can see it in it’s new home.

Thanks for reading all! I hope you enjoyed the studio photos, I’ll post more soon as the kokeshi gang gets all finished up!

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