ATC #1501 Space Queen

ATC 1501 Space Queen

ATC #1501 “Space Queen”
Paper Collage, 2.5″ x 3.5″
Available at ARTpool Gallery, St. Pete

My first ATC of 2015 was made for a local art show and I dropped it off at the gallery yesterday so I’m excited to show it off here. The collage features a Dior haute couture piece, and because of how powerful it looked I decided she needed to be a space queen and not a space princess. I wanted the collage to look shattered and I spent a really long time arranging and re-arranging the pieces until it looked just right to me. I couldn’t fit her head on the card so it’s actually on the back; the backs of my collage cards are always covered with scraps and info. I hope you like it!

This collage is available at ARTpool Gallery in St. Petersburg, FL as part of their “Space Odyssey” show on June 20, 2015. Please contact the gallery if you would like to purchase it!

2 thoughts on “ATC #1501 Space Queen

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