Studio Portrait Friday, June 12th Edition

June 10, 2015 Studio

I have a ton of photos to share for Studio Portrait Friday this week (officially back?!). First up is a new big noggin’ kokeshi girl. I haven’t made a giant kokeshi head in a long time (I think she will be my third) and I’m really excited about her. This photo was taken after about three hours of work on her, I now need to make her hair buns. I want to add a lot of roses to really push the Dead of the Dead vibe.

June 10, 2015 Studio June 10, 2015 Studio

Here are two progress photos that I took along the way. The first step is doing the sketch on the wood, and then doing the base colors in acrylic. Next I do the outlining work with more acrylic. A lot of my favorite old paints are colors that have been discontinued, I guess they were too garish for most people? Not me!

May 31, 2015 Studio

This week I also worked on this strawberry kokeshi girl. She’s a prototype for Shana of Shanalogic and just needs her embellishments before she’s finished. The blue and taupe girls will be at her shop along with a series of strawberry girls, I’m very excited! This strawberry girl should be finished by the weekend and I’m going to be starting on her friends today.

May 31, 2015 Studio

I also made more progress on this sweet-skull kokeshi girl. This one I’m making for myself, just for fun. I was thinking of doing a set of melty skull kokeshi for National Ice Cream day since it’s about a month away (July 19th).

May 31, 2015 Studio

This week I also started this Zombuki mini painting for the “Space Odyssey” show at ARTpool that I have that collage at. To get it in on time I need to finish it today and I’m not sure if that’s going to happen or not. Gulp! I do really like her though and another of my mini paintings just sold at ARTpool which is awesome, so I’d like to get her finished.


Last and probably least, your random photo for the day: a cute, fat, curious teddy bear hamster that I saw at Petsmart and that my boyfriend wouldn’t let me take home because he doesn’t like rodents, which is insane to me. Hamster! HAMSTER!!

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