Doll Haul: Monster High Haunted, Boo York, and Sweet Screams Dolls

Monster High: Mouscedes King

It all started when one of my Instagram friends posted a photo of the new Monster High doll, Mouscedes King (above). I’ve been interested in MH dolls off and on for years and even own a custom, but they never really captured my attention the way Pullips did. Now that I’m winding down with Pullip collecting I found myself super excited about Monster High dolls (you can get 4-6 MH dolls for the price of one Pullip). I spent a day running around to a bunch of stores and brought home a huge doll haul. By the way: you can follow me on Instagram at riotsqurrl if you like, but it’s private because I don’t let students follow me.

I love rats/mice so I’m very excited about Mouscedes, plus she has pink hair, a bonus. Her skin is translucent gray with blue flecks, it’s really pretty. Her stock clothes are nice too, I was pleasantly surprised.

Monster High: Draculaura

While I was at the store buying Mouscedes I saw the MH Haunted series and decided that I needed all three (obviously). Above is Getting Ghostly Draculaura who also has translucent skin. All of the Haunted dolls have the band of spray across their eyes which is really pretty. I normally buy things online, but it looks like MH is similar to Lalaloopsy in that you really need to shop in person because some of the dolls had really light spray and some had very dark spray.

Monster High: Twyla

Next up is Getting Ghostly Twyla; I absolutely love lavender and mint together so I was super excited when I saw this doll. There was one in Target (where I finally found all three together) that had the crazy eye, I should have taken a photo, but there was a guy next to be doing inventory and it was making me nervous. I think I had a flashback to my doll photography days when people would plant themselves near me to shout really annoying questions that were thinly veiled attempts to make me justify photographing dolls in public.

Monster High: Clawdeen Wolf

Last but not least in the Haunted series I bought: Getting Ghostly Clawdeen Wolf. I’m not sure what the whole Haunted series looks like, but these are the three I kept seeing together so that’s why I got the trio. I am a huge fan of the chain accessories. They’re pliable and the waist chains have little snaps. I’m not a huge fan of Clawdeen’s dress, but she easily has the best shoes (I know you can’t see them, take my word for it).

Monster High: Draculaura

At the last Target I went to I found some of the Sweet Screams dolls. I almost bought these when they first came out so I was really happy to find them. Above is SS Draculaura with probably the most goth hair of all time. I have to say I really don’t like the painted hands though, but that’s just me.

Monster High: Frankie Stein

Finally is Sweet Screams Frankie Stein. I really like the stock outfit on her and the striped dress is great without the jacket. In a display at the Target I got these two from they showed two new Sweet Screams girls (Ghoulia Yelps and Abbey Bominable) so I want to add both to my collection soon.

So there you have it, my giant doll haul! I guess I’m a crazy Monster High collector now, so that’s cool. Summer school officially starts tomorrow (sigh) so maybe I’ll just blow all my extra money on dolls. That feels like a good idea to me.

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