Studio Portrait Friday, June 19th Edition

Studio Photos: June Kokeshi

The new kokeshi girls should be arriving by post at Shanalogic today, so I wanted to show you their final studio photos to celebrate. I spent about an hour and a half just on embellishing these taupe girls! They have a mix of vintage beads, hand cast resin pieces (hard to see in this photo, but they have hair buns), faux pearls, and aluminum roses. My favorite is on the far right because I went bonkers and embellished her like crazy, I love how she turned out.

Studio Photos: June Kokeshi

Next up I worked on the blue girls and used a ton of my vintage stacking beads on them. I held back a bit on the embellishments for people who like a more subtle look on their kokeshi. Didn’t Coco Chanel say something to the effect of, “Get dressed and then take one thing off”? I think I’m the opposite of that when it comes to making things. More is more.

Vintage Stacking Beads

Finally here is a photo of my work space! I put down cardboard scraps so I can get glue everywhere without ruining my table, then I sort out all the beads I could possibly want to use by color. After that I start grouping them into sets that I think would look good together. While I was working on finishing these girls I realized that I am very low on vintage beads so I went browsing online. That’s when I realized that these beads, which were super cheap ten years ago, are now very rare! I finally found a place online I could get an ounce for $11, which wasn’t bad, but when they showed there was only one pink bead. One! I got some really cool ones in the lot though so I’m thinking of ordering again.

These kokeshi will be up at Shanalogic soon, I’ll post a link as soon as I get one. Enjoy your weekend, all!

PS: I just realized I posted a SPF exactly four years ago today. Remember 2011?

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