Haiku Mini Stickers

Haiku Mini Sticker Set

Haiku Mini Sticker Sheet on Etsy

When I was re-organizing all my craft supplies a few weeks ago I found these sheets of haiku mini stickers that I made a few years ago. I originally ordered them to use as graffiti, sticking them on light posts and bathrooms (which I did do again recently, rebel), but I thought it would be fun to pop them in the shop too. My favorite is:

I, fat unicorn,
Ravage cotton candy clouds,
Make sweet detritus.

There are two about novels as well (The Great Gatsby and The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym) which are much darker than I remembered them being. Definitely an eclectic mix of poems, to say the least. I’m feeling the need to make a new haiku zine soon!

Update: These are no longer available.

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