Studio Portrait Friday, June 26th Edition

Studio Photo: June 21, 2015

Time for another edition of Studio Portrait Friday! I had an interesting and fairly productive week this week, and my summer job ended so I can be in the studio full time for (almost) the rest of the summer. Amazing! Five and a half weeks sounds like a really huge amount of time and no time. Right now I’m working on two sets of kokeshi simultaneously: summer sweets (the pastels) and neons (the whites). Here’s a before photo right before they all get splattered.

Studio Photo: June 21, 2015

Here’s the aftermath on the tarp on the porch. I love how the drop cloth ends up looking over time, I want to frame it! The black patch is from spray painting some tiny bats to make bat earrings, spooky.

Studio Photo: June 21, 2015

Back inside you can see the six kokeshi bodies post-splatter, as well as the neon noggins. You can’t see it here, but the neon girls have glow in the dark paint splattered on them, too. I’m going to do a giveaway for one of the neon kokeshi soon so stay tuned for that. In the background you can see other kokeshi like a mini strawberry girl and green ones that I want to start soon. I work on them in shifts, but I can’t focus on too many at once, so often I’ll paint base coats for new kokeshi and then they have to wait in line.

Studio Photo: June 21, 2015

A few days later here is the summer sweets trio coming along. The face for the yellow is 99% finished, the pink is halfway done, and the orange isn’t started yet. In the back you can see a bunch of kokeshi that are drying after I signed and sealed them. I feel like I didn’t take as many studio photos this week as usual, I’ll have to take more next week to compensate! Hopefully I can find new paint brushes soon, the ones I have are getting ratty. I ordered my regular brush (American Painter Spotter 10/0) online only to find out they’re back ordered, and no craft stores around here seem to have the right ones. I’m stressing for brushes!

I have so many things going on, it’s so wonderful, I’m terribly happy to be making things again. Creative people: we need to make things, never forget that!

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