Studio Portrait Friday, July 3rd Edition

Studio Photos July 1st 2015

I’ve been enjoying summer this week and trying to make as many jewelry items and one of a kind kokeshi as I can so I can have a strong start to craft fair season. Above is a Day of the Dead kokeshi that I started almost exactly four years ago, now finally finished. I wanted to give her some roses and vintage flower beads to up the Dia vibe a bit more. I have more Day of the Dead stuff planned too since it’s my favorite holiday.

Studio Photos July 1st 2015

Next I have started the next wave of kokeshi. Two new Killbots, three new green-on-green girls, and a strawberry set for Shanalogic. I’m thrilled to say the first kokeshi up at Shanalogic are almost sold out! Seeing what sells there gives me a good idea of what people like and what they’re looking for so it can drive design decisions in the future.

Studio Photos July 2nd 2015

Yesterday I did more work on  Shanalogic strawberry series girls. I decided to try something new and paint their eyes before painting their hair. The hair I freehand, but I like to sketch the eyes before I paint them. I think it may have worked better this way so I might change my technique around!

Studio Photos July 2nd 2015

I also worked on this set of green on green girls. They’re related to Kokeshi #25 Isobel, but in my current style. I need my little cherry blossom stamp to finish them, which of course I misplaced when I re-organized my studio a few weeks ago. I know I put all my stamps somewhere, and I have absolutely no idea where that is!

Studio Photos July 2nd 2015

Yesterday I went to Joanne’s in the middle of the day because my brushes really needed an update. There are no good places to buy brushes around here and I ended up with these so-so Loew Cornell rounded brushes. Not precisely what I need, but okay for now.

Studio Photos July 2nd 2015

So at the end of the week this is how the studio looks! The next couple of days will be really busy, today I have my annual pilgrimage to the outlet mall with my bff, and tomorrow is the 4th of July which is a strangely big holiday for me. I won’t be back in the studio until Sunday! I need to take photos and I need to figure out what to do with my Mac laptop, which is definitely dying, I think the fan is broken, it keeps overheating so I can’t use it for more than 20-30 minutes at a time. Eep! Hopefully I will start my kokeshi giveaway next week (one of the girls on the bottom left will be up for grabs).

In the photo above, the girl in the far right is a new Zombuki doll I’m almost done with. I’ve posted about her on the Zombuki blog, but I get basically zero traffic there, I’m thinking of bringing the blog part back over here (again). I’m torn. Any thoughts?

Also, before I go, this week I read a great interview with Danny Brito over at The Art Assembly blog. If you do art and/or handmade things it’s a really interesting read. Enjoy your weekend, all!

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