Studio Portrait Friday, July 10th Edition

Studio: July 5th 2015

Studio Portrait Friday is late in the day this week because I’m still battling it out with my overheating computer, sigh! In my giveaway comments section a few of you asked for more Zombuki dolls so I decided to post my Zombuki studio photos here rather than somewhere else. I hope you enjoy!

July 5th: I started a new ZomBYULki (clever, non?) inspired by the beautiful Kuloft dress and Leeke World season limited (summer 2014) wig in the photo above. I haven’t painted a full sized doll in a while so I’m very excited. I had to sketch her out in pencil, unlike normal, because I’m not warmed up yet painting wise. It’s very irritating to get the pencil off again so I’ll have to free hand the next doll.

Studio: July 5th 2015

July 5th: A little bit in and I’ve mixed all of her paint colors and done a base coat on the petals. To keep the paint from drying out as I make her I’m keeping my palette in a plastic bag. It looks silly, but it works! I’m having a hard time finding a good set of paint pots/sealed palette that’s easy to clean.

Studio: July 5th 2015

July 5th: Stopping point for the day and my eyes were crossing! I worked for hours on this little lady. I can’t make a full Zombuki in one day for many reasons, one is exhaustion, but another is that I won’t be able to see any flaws. I always step back for a day, otherwise the next morning I wake up and immediately see something I need to change. Working past a certain point is always wasted work, that I’ve learned. Also, I custom made these eye chips just to go with this new ZomBYULki and I’m very happy with them. Her lips are way too light though!

Studio: July 7th 2015

July 7th: I’m excited to be working on some more new jewelry for Shanalogic. These are some smaller earrings studs in the dragon scale design. The scales are textured too and very pretty. I’m so happy with how these earrings came out. As of posting this they are already on the way to Shanalogic! I will let you know when they’re up online.

Studio: July 7th 2015

July 7th: Last, but not least, some super goth new necklace prototypes, also for Shanalogic. They’re wolf, bird, and bat skull cameo necklaces. I love them! I’m trying to just focus my jewelry designs on what I would personally wear and be way pickier (rather than buying every pretty supply). All the skulls are resin, by the way, no real animals involved.

So there you have it, my week in making things! Next week I have a training for four days and I’m kind of bummed about it. I want to make more things!

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