Throwback Thursday: First Wave Rochelle Goyle

Monster High Rochelle Goyle

I thought it would be fun to post a bit of a Throwback Thursday here with these photos of first wave Monster High doll Rochelle Goyle that I took back in May 2012. Rochelle was my first Monster High doll and, even though I customized the one in the photos, she is easily my favorite of all the monsters. In fact I just bought her (again) off of eBay since I regretted customizing her in the first place!

Monster High Rochelle Goyle

I would say Rochelle is my favorite Monster High doll because she’s the only one that I want every incarnation of (with the possible exception of Zombie Shake). I have endless love for Rochelle. I wouldn’t say that I love Draculaura, but my collection would disagree because I have four of her already.

Monster High Rochelle Goyle

Rochelle has such a lovely expression and color scheme, the stone flecks in her skin are so cool, I’m a Rochelle girl all the way.

For the longest time I didn’t want to post any doll stuff on the blog because I felt like people wouldn’t take my literary scholarship seriously if I did. I think teaching changed all that because I realized you need to be authentic to yourself. If someone comes here and thinks that being an adult collector of dolls bars me from being serious or intellectual, then they are about to have their horizons expanded. So dolls and books, that’s me, and I like it.

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