Doll Haul: Ever After High Cheshire, Darling Charming, Spring Unsprung, and Just Sweet

Every After High - First Wave Cheshire

Kitty Cheshire – Daughter of the Cheshire Cat

Today I went shopping to celebrate the end of my week-long training (hence no Studio Portrait Friday this week) and I gave in and bought some Ever After High dolls! I’ve been eyeing them for a little while, but I haven’t collected them before now. Anything with a strong Alice in Wonderland focus is like candy to me so there was no way I was going to be able to resist for long. Above is Kitty Cheshire, the standard/core or first wave version, she’s so creepy cute. I love the lavender and black color scheme, her clothes, and all of the Cheshire Cat details.

Ever After High - Darling Charming

Darling Charming – Daughter of King Charming

I also picked up Darling Charming, the daughter of King (formerly Prince?) Charming. She’s all about wearing armor and kicking butt, and she actually reminds me a lot of Sapphire from Disgaea 3. Sapphire, too, was all about subverting the dominant paradigm by insisting on rescuing herself. Three cheers for armor as well.

Ever After High - Briar Beauty - Spring Unsprung

Briar Beauty – Spring Unsprung Series – Daughter of Sleeping Beauty

I’ve been excited about the Spring Unsprung series for a while, and I know I want all of them already. I didn’t want to buy all of them today, partially because a lot of them had eye wonk issues, and all of the Spring Unsprung dolls have really terrible paint on their accessories. I love the outfit though and Briar Beauty’s hair color/color scheme in general is so beautiful. It’s interesting that they made her into a character considering the dolls in this series seem to be children of the traditional (ie: not copyright by Disney) story characters. In that case Briar Beauty would be the child of the rape that occurs in the original story, which would be disturbing, but there’s little chance that kids will buy this doll and then look for the scariest version of the story possible. Not with that big bowl of Disney candy sitting out in front of them, metaphorically, of course. If Disney gave me actual candy all the time I would love them. Moving on …

Ever After High - Blondie Locks - Just Sweet Series

Blondie Locks – Just Sweet Series

I found this last girl at the otherwise terrible Target by my house, which has almost the whole Monster High section on clearance (more on that in another post), as well as a ton of this exclusive doll, Just Sweet Blondie Locks. It looks like she’s the first doll in a series, but none others have been released yet, I think she’s going to be the first doll I do a more extensive, out-of-box review for because her clothing and accessories are so freaking adorable. Hopefully the sun will be out soon and I’ll be able to take nice photos!

And with that it looks like I collected Ever After High dolls too. The doll addiction worsens …

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