Zombuki #72 Byul Basil

Zombuki Byul Basil

Zombuki #72 is complete, she’s a Byul doll named Basil. You may remember her from the studio photos that I took a few weeks back. Basil was made using a Leeke limited color wig (Spring Mint I think) and eye chips that I made from resin. She is wearing a beautiful Kuloft dress and Groove stock bits.

Zombuki Byul Basil

Basil is the third Zombuki I’ve finished this summer and I’m very proud of her. I wanted her colors to have a sort of pastel earth tone vibe, which wasn’t easy to pull off. I think she looks really unique because of it though. Basil comes with a kokeshi, but I forgot to photograph her. I’ll have to take a photo of it before Basil goes home to her new owner.

Zombuki Byul Basil

Basil has been adopted, but I’m hoping to make at least one more Zombuki before the summer is over. In the meantime available Zombuki dolls have their own section in the shop. I really hope you like Basil! I know the Byul face mold isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I really like how wonderfully strange it is.


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