Studio Portrait Friday, July 24th Edition

Studio July 21st 2015

Yesterday got very busy and, still working through computer issues, this week’s studio photos got delayed. I have a ton of them to share though! Above you can see a bunch of new kokeshi getting sealed up, almost in rainbow order too. I never found the stamp that I was looking all over the house for and decided to give up on it. I went on eBay to see if I could find a replacement and there it was! I’m so excited to get it back again, now the kokeshi can be decorated properly.

Studio July 21st 2015

Next up my Strawberry kokeshi series for Shana Logic. My second set of blue girls will be showing up soon and this pink series will likely follow. I’m so happy with how they turned out, between the extra details on the faces and the embellishments they took forty forevers. Totally worth the effort though, of course. On the left you can see a strawberry Day of the Dead girl coming together. I’m trying to get ready for Halloween now since I don’t know how much I’ll be able to work once school starts.

Studio July 21st 2015

In addition to the Strawberry set, Shana requested a lavender set of kokeshi girls, so I started them this week. I will definitely need my stamp to make them extra flowery and feminine. Purple is my favorite color, along with Tiffany blue, so any excuse to use either I jump at. I use this elegant toothpick and styrofoam cup setup so I don’t mess up the kokeshi’s hair. The cup is all out of balance though, I need more of a styrofoam block for it to work.

Studio July 22nd 2015

Embellishments! I took this photo right before I started embellishing the Strawberry girls. I got these new heart embellishments in the mail and they are so pretty! I think I might use them for Valentine’s Day and do a little project with them. I have all of my embellishments in stacking containers, I would love to have a big thing full of tiny drawers that pulled out. I need to have everything in front of me or I can’t think. Believe it or not I’m super low on embellishments, I need lots of tiny 2mm and 3mm flatbacks so I bought a bunch on Etsy and eBay. I bought a few things in huge lots to save money so I might list some of the extras when they show up.

Studio July 22nd 2015

I used to have an entire, giant room that was my studio. Then I moved to an alcove, now, years later, a single desk. That’s fine for now, but I have to get in the habit of keeping it clean because this week I spent a lot of time knocking things over. When you work in a tiny space – like the re-purposed kitchen table seen here – everything has to be used efficiently. I’m still getting there.

Studio July 22nd 2015

In Zombuki news the unicorn twins, Bianca (right) and Sierra (left), were sent off to their forever home. I took photos of Sierra this week so I’ll post them as soon as I can. Now that Basil’s done I’m planning my next Zombuki girl, but I’m torn between doing a full size or a Lil’ Head.

Studio July 23rd 2015 Studio July 23rd 2015

Here we have one last look at the Srawberry kokeshi triplets! I spent a good four hours embellishing these girls. They have resin, aluminum roses, Swarovski crystals, polymer clay berries, vintage beads, and plastic cabs. They’re made out of everything! I spent so long with the E6000 that I got a terrible migraine, too. Suffering for art and all that. I should really wear a respirator, honestly. E6000 is so toxic, but I want them to be able to survive a fall off a table, if it ever comes to that.

Studio July 23rd 2015

I posted that ZomBYULki Basil has been adopted, but I completely forgot to photograph her matching kokeshi Bloom. I actually love how Bloom came out so I wanted to post a photo of her. I’m working on making a matching kokeshi for Grumble Cake right now, too.

Studio July 23rd 2015

Finally (I told you I had a ton of photos this week!), we have some awesome skull cameos that I made for Shana Logic. They’re bird, bat, and wolf 3D skulls (fake of course) in black metal bezels. They’re so goth and Halloween I think they’re spooktacular.

Okay, hopefully I didn’t bore you all to death! Thank you for reading about my studio this week and enjoy your weekend!

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