Doll Haul: Monster High Zombie Shake, Gloom and Bloom, Freaky Field Trip, and Creepateria

Monster High - Venus McFlytrap - Gloom and Bloom

Venus McFlytrap – Gloom and Bloom

Recently my Target decided to liquidize it’s entire Monster High section to (hopefully) make room for a much-needed stock update. Since most of the dolls had their prices cut in half I ended up picking out some new ones I hadn’t originally planned on buying. Above is the Gloom and Bloom series Venus McFlytrap, which I didn’t think I really even wanted, but now that I have her I absolutely love her. The dress and accessories are adorable, too; I’ve always liked Venus Flytraps, even though I accidentally killed the only one I’ve ever owned. The only bad thing is that my MH Venus had this nasty glue oozing out of the back of her hair when I unboxed her. I washed it out and I think she’s okay, but only time will tell if she has the creeping glue problem.

Rochelle Goyle - Zombie Shake Series

Rochelle Goyle – Zombie Shake Series

Next is Rochelle Goyle from the Zombie Shake 2-pack. Eventually I’d like to have ever Rochelle release and since this set was on sale for $15 I picked it up. The cracks on her arms and legs are way too dark for me, and mine has flecks of rogue teal paint on her face. I might fix all of that with a little acetone though. Her eye makeup is too dark for my taste, except the lipstick, the neckline of the dress is wonky, but I love the hair. A mixed bag, really.

Zombie Shake Rochelle Goyle Revamp

Zombie Shake Rochelle Goyle Revamp

Update! After I wrote the draft of this post I decided to go for it and give Rochelle a makeover. I removed the cracks on her arms, legs, and cheek with acetone nail polish remover. It went well except that it made the arm and leg really shiny where the acetone touched it. Next I dipped her hair in some almost-boiling water to relax the curls and re-curled her hair with drinking straws (above). I’m not sure I 100% love my re-curling job, but I do like her much more now. I’ll have to post “after” photos soon!

Venus McFlytrap - Zombie Shake

Venus McFlytrap – Zombie Shake

I got this Venus McFlytrap only because it came with the set. I don’t know how well it shows up, but mine is missing paint on the center of her lip. I am just not into this doll for some reason, I want to like it, but I just don’t. I might sell her as bait or use her to practice customizing.

Gigi Grant - Freaky Field Trip

Gigi Grant – Freaky Field Trip

I felt like I had to get this Freaky Field trip Gigi Grant doll because her dress and all of her accessories are Scorpio-themed and I’m a Scorpio. The whole look is so adorable and I actually really like her hair out of the package, but the super intense pink-on-pink color scheme just isn’t me (like Gooliope Jellington, who I am trying to like, but don’t).

Howleen Wolf - Creepateria

Howleen Wolf – Creepateria

Finally I got the Creepateria version of Howleen Wolf because I love her hair and faceup, which is just cute beyond belief. I hate her outfit and rubbery shoes, but the coffin tray and winged hotdog that she comes with are so hilarious it makes up for the clothes a bit. Howleen is a “little sister” bodied doll, like Twyla and Mouscedes, which I’m still growing accustomed to. Maybe I’ll buy a bait Clawdeen and switch her out, I’m not sure. That hair though, and the cute folded ear, love it.

So that’s it for this doll haul. Hope you enjoyed the photos and running commentary!

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