Shop: Pastel Chainmail Necklaces

Pastel Chainmail Necklaces by Walter and the Coov

Pastel Chainmail Necklaces in the Hidden Helix Pattern

Good morning everyone! I’m excited to announce that I pestered boyfriend into making me super girly pastel chainmail, and it’s now available in our shop. Above you can see two that are in the Hidden Helix pattern; the top is unwound and the bottom one is wound up. I always wear mine unwound because I like it better that way, but boyfriend likes it better in the spiral. Another thing that we will never agree on, like radishes, which I think are like little round nuggets of poison.

Sky Blue Chainmail Necklace

Sky Blue Chainmail Necklace in a Chunky Knot Pattern

Next up is a chunky Sky Blue Chainmail Necklace with silver accents. This one is in a chunkier knotted pattern, it makes me think of Celtic knots. It’s a bit funkier and larger for those wanting to make a bigger statement. Pastel chainmail(le) isn’t something that I’ve seen a ton of, but I love it because it’s so Pastel Goth. We will definitely be making more in the future and I’m so excited about it.

Update: Links removed because these items are no longer available. Thank you for your support!

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