Zombuki #71 Fairy Floss and Flower

Zombuki Fairy Floss

I should have posted these photos of Fairy Floss much sooner, but I ended up sharing Basil’s photos instead. Fairy Floss came first though and she’s one of the few Lil’ Head Zombuki dolls I’ve done. Made using a Little Pullip Miss Green on a 23cm Obitsu body, Fairy Floss has a head that’s more of a “normal” proportion. Because Lil’ Head Zombuki dolls have smaller heads, they also have a lower price point, and if you’re interested in adopting Fairy Floss, she is available in the shop. Update: She has been adopted!

Zombuki Fairy Floss

Flower is the first matching kokeshi I’ve made in a long time and I’m very happy with her. The idea of dolls have dolls is so adorably meta to me; I’m now going back and making one for Grumble Cake, too. Fairy Floss comes with this Art Plonsjeroze outfit that I took out of the plastic just for her. I’m still sad that there won’t be any new AP dresses, but it makes the ones I have that much more special.

Zombuki Fairy Floss

Fairy Floss’ eyes were painted by me using the stock eye mechanism and her eyelashes are flares that I placed one at a time. I wanted to give her a pastel springtime feel with the color scheme. I keep going back to pink and green, I’m addicted. Her wig is handmade (though I can’t remember where I bought it) and is made of mohair which means you can style it many different ways. I’m such a sucker for mohair!

Zombuki Fairy Floss

Finally here is Fairy Floss in hand, I love taking a photo of the Lil’ Head Zombuki dolls like this, they’re only a little bit smaller, but they feel so sweet and tiny. I’m planning on doing a teal and blue Lil’ Head next. I hope you enjoyed the photos!

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