Zombuki #73 the Sea Witch, Lil’ Head Pullip Hybrid

Zombuki the Sea Witch

Zombuki #73 the Sea Witch

Zombuki #73 is here! She is the Sea Witch, a character from Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid in Zombuki doll form. The Sea Witch is a fascinating character, she has no name in the original story and very little description except that she lives in a house made of human bones and lets a toad eat from her mouth. The first thing she says in the story is: “I know what you want, … it is very stupid of you, but you shall have your way, and it will bring you to sorrow, my pretty princess.” I love this original character because, unlike Disney’s Ursula, the Sea Witch tries to talk the little mermaid out of the deal.

Zombuki the Sea Witch

One of the only physical descriptions of the Sea Witch is that she has black blood, so I wanted her character to be both beautiful and very dark. I gave her glitter eyes that are sparkling like ocean water and teal lips.

Zombuki the Sea Witch

This Zombuki doll is a Little Pullip hybrid, meaning that she is a Little Pullip head on a 23cm Obitsu body. Her outfit is an assembly of Groove stock bits and her amazing mohair wig is by Hasel’s Aesthetics. The wig size I bought is a 4/5 size, which touches the ears when it sit on the head, so it’s not glued down. It’s hard to find good wigs for Little Pullips and Dals, mostly because of the shape of their heads. This wig is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen so I highly recommend the shop.

If you would like to adopt the Sea Witch and want to pay in installments please feel free to contact me. I hope you love her and thank you for looking!

Update: She has been adopted, thank you!

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