Studio Portrait Friday, August 21st 2015 Edition

Studio Photos Week of August 21st 2015

Time for another week of studio photos (that are late again, oops) hurray! This week was my first full week back to school, which teachers call pre-school, so it’s been very hard to find studio time. My posts will probably get a lot less frequent as school starts up, for both me and my students, because it looks like I’m back in my M.A. program. Crazy! I left two years ago when I started teaching because I could not juggle my one grad school class with teaching classes (mandatory) and being a good teacher. Now I am wanting to get my PhD and teach college, so my M.A. has to be a priority. I have one class and my thesis left so this will be a crazy year!

Above are some small cameos that I was mixing and matching to get them ready for craft shows. I had to set a bunch of them to the side because so many of the cameos had flaws. I don’t know about other handmade/crafty people, but I’ve found sellers are sending me more and more damaged good which I will not sell my customers. When I’ve emailed them they’ve ignored me or, worse, after sending them photos, say they “can’t see” what’s wrong with the damaged item. Silly.

Studio Photos Week of August 21st 2015

Swoon! I bought this beautiful Leeke World wig from Fabric Friends (link goes to Leeke wigs page) their website doesn’t look that nice and they list the wig color instead of showing it, but they have always had rare wigs and shipped them quickly. Denver Doll is also an excellent site if you’re looking for Leeke wigs without the $20 minimum Leeke shipping charge.

Studio Photos Week of August 21st 2015

Here is a closeup of the end of the wig, it’s like pastel ice cream to me. I’m going to be using this wig to make a new Unicorn Zombuki doll. I’m excited to make her, I just need to find the time. I ordered another wig off of eBay and the person I bought it from knew of my dolls and was so nice. I couldn’t believe it, I am always floored when someone knows who I am, I feel so lucky to be part of the doll community.

Studio Photos Week of August 21st 2015

Also this week I started making more Halloween jewelry including this skeleton deer stag necklace. I love it and I hope I have time to photograph and list it on Etsy soon, but if not you can always leave a comment to pre-order it. I made one for my own jewelry box because it’s so creepy cool.

Studio Photos Week of August 21st 2015

Last but not least boyfriend I went to Michael’s this week and I got two of these organizing/stacking box things for my studio. One is full of rhinestones and pearls (above) and the other is full of Blythe eye chips. I need at least three more of these organizers, and then my eye chips and fiddly bits will be all sorted. I did a huge eye chip inventory and re-inspected them all. Getting so many damaged craft items this week really made me think about my own shops, I do not want someone to have the experiences I’ve had. I’ll have new eye chips coming out in the Zombuki shop this coming month for sure. There are so many colors I’ve made that I just need to photograph.

This coming week school is starting up again, graduate school is starting again, and my whirlwind life is kicking back up to gale force. Wish me luck!

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