Happy Birthday Mr. Pants

Mr. Pants at 9 Weeks

Mr. Pants at 9 Weeks

Today is Pants’ fourth birthday, in four years he went from being the tiniest, sweetest kitten to being one of the largest, laziest, and most paranoid animals I’ve ever seen. Above is Pants at 9 weeks when he looked half wolf pup. Pants was found by my mom when he was about five weeks old, he was outside the restaurant where she worked, in the rain, meowing his strangely loud meow. The next day I happened to visit her and I took Pants home. He was covered in lice, had ear mites, and his tail was broken; he spent the first two days sleeping in a box next to my bed. After a ton of visits to the vet he was back to being a normal kitten, running around and destroying everything. He was the size of my hand when he came home …

Mr. Pants, May 2012

Mr. Pants, May 2012

but a year later he was a giant. Best anyone can figure he’s at least half Norwegian Forest Cat, one of the biggest breeds, and Mr. Pants now clocks in over 20 pounds. Boyfriend calls him a panther and a pizza delivery guy once got completely freaked out by how big Pants is. Pants once ran into me at a full gallop and knocked me off my feet. Now, at four, Pants is terrified of lightning, meows loudly when the shoe closet is closed, and guards me when I sleep. He is the best cat in the world. Happy 4th Birthday Mr. Pants!

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