Studio Portrait Fortnight, September 7th 2015 Edition

Studio September 7

It’s been two weeks since High School (work) and graduate school started up again for me and it’s been very hard to find studio time. I know the next few months will be crazy so I’m just trying to soldier ahead as best I can. Above is an older Pullip custom I decided to finish, Space Babe, inspired by Rudy Fig. She’s very different from my normal style and I tried to do more with pastel blushing and colored pencils in addition to my normal acrylic paint. She’s almost finished and I’ll put her up for adoption when she’s done. Because of the chalk pastel I need to seal her with MSC but Florida has a constant 80% humidity when it’s not flat out raining (at least that’s what it feels like). I worked so hard on her now I’m scared to seal her.

Studio September 7

Over the last few weeks I decided to go through my Monster High collection and get rid of a few dolls while reorganizing the rest. This is my “during” photo and everyone is almost organized now. They’re all out in our library, but the boys in the house keep touching them and messing up my meticulous arranging. They secretly love dolls, but are too manly to admit it, or so it seems. I’ve also been buying more custom dolls than stock dolls lately, have to support my doll customizing brothers and sisters, don’t you know.

Studio September 7

The last few weeks have also been devoted to prepping for the craft fair season. Boyfriend and I went to Joanne’s last weekend and got some Halloween stuff for my special Halloween section. They had so many great fabrics there, including a skull one that got glitter everywhere, and the spiderweb one above that I bought. We also got a black glitter Halloween tree that I’m going to hang earrings from, and a tiny glitter skull. I wanted to buy eight, but boyfriend said it was “wasteful,” what nonsense.

Studio September 7

Even though I’m most excited about Halloween I also did some prep for Winter 2015 and made some cute snowflake earrings. I put the earring studs in a styrofoam block so I can get the cab exactly centered. I’ve never had a 100% perfect holiday section for either Halloween or Christmas/Winter, but I’m trying to get better this year.

Studio September 7

I’m trying to figure out what Zombuki to make next and I’m leaning toward this candy wigged Byul. I bought this wig about a year and a half ago and it’s just been sitting on this girl since. I love the colors, so I’d like to do something fun and bold with it, something more reminiscent of my older Zombuki girls. I’m getting in the mood to paint a Blythe again, too.

Custom Lagoonafire by Beautidolls

Recently I bought this awesome custom Lagoonafire doll from Beautidolls on Etsy. She’s so different from the other Monster High customs I own and I’m absolutely crazy about her. I put her in a CAM dress and shoes, Gigi necklace, and some very old Barbie star glasses. She’s currently alone in one half of the doll house, but she looks like she belongs there.

Perler Espeon

Last photo! We had the kids this weekend and they’re super into Perler beads (remember them? I had no clue they were still around), so I made a few Eveeloutions. Espson, Umbreon, and Leafeon are sitting around the house now. I love the old 8 bit graphics, so these will become decorations in the library/game room. They’re actually pretty cute for melted plastic beads, right?

So there you have it! Two weeks worth of photos, I hope you liked them. The school/school/handmade balancing act continues, wish me luck!

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