Zombuki Photos: Miss Violet Boo

Re-introducing Zombuki #66, Miss Violet Boo! If she looks familiar, that’s because she is a custom Pullip from 2012, but I just couldn’t quite put her down. She has been touched up and given a lot more love this summer, and now she’s ready to join her forever doll family.

Miss Violet Boo is wearing a spooky cute dress from DropDeadFashions and skeleton thigh high socks. Her purple wig is from Monique.

Some of the touch ups I did to her over the summer include sand matting her eye globes and adding black glitter irises to her eyes. Miss Violet Boo’s eye chips are from Cool Cat.

I hope that you all like Miss Violet Boo! Have a beautiful Friday and enjoy your weekend.

~ Brigitte

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