Camille Chew: Witch Familiar Mask Series

The Witch Familiar Mask Series is the brainchild of Camille Chew, an artist and illustrator who works heavily with occult and mystical imagery. They are available for purchase through Light Grey Art Lab for $300 each.

Camille Chew: Fox Mask

Fox Mask by Camille Chew

The wolf mask is one of my favorites from Chew’s series. I love the way the third eye is layered paper, as well as the contrasting colors, and the difference between the Fox’s eyes and the third eye. The ‘icons’ that make up the texture of the ‘fur’ are very attractive: third eyes, candles, waves (Aquarius symbol), stars, and crystal balls are all there, yet it’s still subtle. I also like that the icons are mirrored rather than randomly placed. The top of the Fox’s face appears to be decorated with white stars and lavender lines to form constellations.

Camille Chew: Rabbit Mask

Rabbit Mask by Camille Chew

Rabbit Mask is sold out, unfortunately for me, but that means one lucky person now has this beautiful piece in their home. Like Fox Mask, this piece uses icons to create texture on the face, this time in grey-blue. It’s covered in triangles, bolts, palms, and has a large palmistry style hand on the third eye. The geometric mustard yellow and black patterned ears are an especially nice touch, while the predominant color scheme of aqua and red is a personal favorite. The Rabbit’s forehead also has a celestial design with lots of twinkling, sky blue stars.

Camille Chew: Wolf Mask

Wolf Mask by Camille Chew

Like Fox Mask, Wolf Mask also has a third eye, but this time it’s the same as the eyes on mask. This piece stands out so much because of its light color, against which the rich blue stands out strongly. The color scheme of Wolf Mask is very similar to Bat Mask (see gallery below), while Rabbit Mask is similar in color to Cat Mask. The strong slant to the eyebrows give Wolf Mask an angrier look than the others, possibly because the red orange drops are reminiscent of blood.

I adore Chew’s work and I think it would be terribly fun if she made these into kits that you could assemble yourself. You can click through the gallery below to view the rest of the masks. Which is your favorite? If I could take any of them home I think I would pick Fox.



Camille Chew’s Website and Etsy Shop
Images via Light Grey Art Lab

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