Camilla d’Errico Vintage Art Plate Release

Camilla d’Errico has announced a huge and really exciting release for August 4th 2017 at 9 AM PST in collaboration with the Planet Bee Foundation. The Bee Release will feature prints, clothing, original artwork, and one of a kind printed plates. The plates are custom printed and are quite lovely, I’ve chosen some favorites that you can see below with a full gallery at the bottom of the page.

One of the most striking plates from this release features d’Errico’s painting “The Beekeeper” which will also be a signed, limited edition print for the event. The plate chosen for it is perfect, and I love the use of blues in the piece.

Another lovely plate is “Lemon Drop” which I’m seriously considering making a move for. The lemon flower with the bumbling bee atop it is too cute to resist, and the plate, again, is just perfect.

The plate of “Pollen” is also beautiful, I particularly like the juxtaposition between cute and disturbing imagery within the piece.

It’s hard to pick favorites when there are so many lovely plates; all of them can be viewed in the gallery below. The release will be in d’Errico’s Etsy shop, and I’m sure everything will sell out almost instantly. Be prepared to hit refresh many times and then scramble for what you want. I’ll be there with you.

What are your favorite plates? If you pick something up from the release I’d love to know what you were able to get!

Update: I decided to be conservative with my purchases, so I passed on the originals and OOAKs, but I did get a really cute sheet of bee stickers!

~ Brigitte


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