Studio Portrait Friday, October 13th Edition

Good morning all and happy Friday the 13th! I’ve been adding progress photos to my Zombuki Instagram account, but I haven’t been posting them here. That’s hopefully going to change though, and I’m going to do my best to bring back the SPF roundups. I hope you enjoy this week’s photos (forgive the quality, my iPhone is old).

The first few layers are being added to my new girl. This Zombuki has a multi-blue/aqua/purple/pastel lime green color scheme with metallic gold details. I don’t have a tan MIO body, however (I actually need two), so if you have one to sell please let me know.

In this photo you can see some of the colors I’m mixing for her. I have a love/hate relationship with mixing colors. I love it because I can get everything just right, but I also hate it because the paint dries out and it’s hard to match the original color. You’ll see this with her eyebrows; I re-mixed the colors so many times they keep getting darker and I have to fix it. Oops!

Here you can see some guide lines I drew for the eyebrows and shadow. I usually free hand everything, but eyebrows are hard for me to get perfect. I’m always envious of doll customizers who effortlessly create immaculate eyebrows.

This is how she looks with her wig. I got it a while ago, maybe over a year now (or more, I can’t remember), and I’m so happy that I’m finally using it. The wig is from Leeke World and it’s one of their season limited colors: Bright Leaf. It’s a pastel lime green, but it’s a color mix too, so there’s white and pale green together. Gorgeous!

Here I’m starting to fill in the eyeshadow; the lavender isn’t a custom color mix, but everything else here is. The shape will change a little before the end, I’m not completely happy with it. The shapes around the eyes are filled in and lined (I love doing outlines), and they’ll get details, but won’t change much.

Metallic gold! I got a new metallic gold paint, and I’m thrilled with it. The first Zombuki I used metallic on was Palimend in 2007, and the metallic was a beast to work with. This stuff is (comparatively) a dream. She will have a lot of metallic gold accents by the time she’s done.

I hope you enjoyed looking at this week’s studio photos! Enjoy your weekend, all.

~ Brigitte

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