Studio Portrait Friday, November 3rd Edition

Hello all and welcome to a new and slightly belated edition of Studio Portrait Friday! It was delayed this week because it was my birthday weekend, so I was busy celebrating with my family. This week I started a new Zombuki doll, Iwa-Naga, the sister of Konohanasakuya-hime (Zombuki Sakuya). Here is her sketch; I’ve been coloring in sketches lately so I can be sure to get the colors just right. I promised myself that I wasn’t going to mix custom colors again, only to end up hand mixing almost all of her colors.

Iwa-Naga is going to be on a natural skin tone Pullip MIO, so a bit more pale than Sakuya. She’s supposed to be the ‘ugly’ sister, associated with stone, so I’m determined to make her stonily beautiful. This wig is so integral to her design, more details on it below, but I love that it’s a Hime cut since she’s a real mythical princess.

Werk! This wig is an art wig from Leeke World in Dark Angel Blue and it’s a knockout. It is absolutely the longest wig I have ever worked with, perfect for a Zombuki doll whose name means “Long [Lived] as the Rocks.” It’s very soft, too, and you can see a little sibling rivalry emanating from Sakuya’s side-eye glances there in the background.

Bonus photo: Zombuki Galupe and Zombuki Ume dresses for Halloween! Sorry for the quality, I keep my studio dim most of the time so all of my many collectables and dolls won’t get sun damaged. Gauple is a goth monster and Ume is a ‘kitten’ (this is what happens when you let them pick their own outfits).

I also posted this photo of Zombuki Eulalia Dia (2009) online to commemorate Dia de los Muertos, which is also my birthday. Her lavender skin tone gets me every time.

Thanks for stopping my and viewing this week’s photos!

~ Brigitte

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