Throwback Thursday: A Decade of Blog-tastic February(s)

Many of my recent blog posts have focused on the fact that 10 years have passed since I started this blog, which has brought up a certain nostalgia for me, as well as the stark reality that my posts need to be cleaned up. Ten years will accrue a lot of broken links and unnecessary tags, if my blog is considered to be a representative sample.

February is the one month that I wrote the least over the years, but there are still some good bits around. Here is the best of February that my blog has to offer through the decade.

A Decade of Blog-tastic February(s)

February 2, 2008: Squirrel Haiku
My muse eternal: the squirrel.

February 20, 2008: Downpour Haiku
I would consider this one of my better, if not my best haiku, of all time. Even if you disagree, you would have to admit that it’s an unnecessarily violent weather-themed haiku, and that’s something.

Etsy Quote

February 23, 2010: Etsy vs Big Cartel vs Storenvy
This is probably my all-time most popular post, so much so that I feel compelled to update it regularly eight years later. All told it’s been view over 50,000 times (that’s a lot for me), and I’m extremely appreciative of everyone who reads it, comments on it, and shares it.

February 23, 2011: Our New Mouse, Niblet
This post commemorates adopting Niblet, a pet mouse, and probably the last mouse I’ll ever own. She was very cute, but never really warmed up to me as much as I wanted. Mice as pets are sort of like fuzzy goldfish.

The Female American

February 11, 2013: The Female American by Unca Eliza Winkfield
This post is a longform write up of the novel, which I really loved, and still love today. I even lovingly updated it this month since it’s been five years since I read it.

February 1, 2017: Thoughts from the Day After I Quit Teaching High School
I wrote this post in 2016, but published it much later. I wrote it the morning after I walked out of my High School teaching job, a very hard decision, that ended up making my life exponentially better. It’s not the ‘best’ post on here, but it’s an important turning point in my life, and it’s helped other teachers wondering if they should walk out.

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