My Collection: Becky and Frank Commission

A while back Becky and Frank opened commissions for “Capture Creature Style” watercolors and I immediately got in line. I asked them for a painting of my rat, Estlin, with Lunar New Year elements. The piece is home and it’s quite large, almost filling the 8.5 x 11 paper, which I actually don’t love, I wanted it to be the same ratio as my other Capture Creatures piece, so now they really don’t go together. I know that’s a really strange complaint, but there it is. I will probably just put a large mat on it for framing to balance out the aspect ratio, maybe it’s having a painting of a rat that’s 3x bigger than a painting of a cat, yet they are in the same style … something is messing with my brain. That’s not to say that I don’t love it, because I do, I just love to complain too, apparently.

Their Tumblr post of this piece has nearly 300 notes which is awesome, I can’t believe people are so excited about something I commissioned, it’s a cool feeling.

My Collection: Jigoku Dayu (Hell Courtesan) Print by Junko Mizuno

I recently picked up this Junko Mizuno print “Jigoku Dayu (Hell Courtesan)” from Gallery Nucleus and thought it would be fun to post a review here. The entire show, entitled Rising, is worth checking out; it’s probably my favorite Mizuno show so far.

As for the print it is a Giclee and is a signed, numbered, limited edition of 100 with a total print size of 24″ x 18″ and 3″ of white space all around. The cost before shipping is $150 which is entirely reasonable and it surprises me that any are left in stock as of this writing. I am intensely jealous slash proud to say that a friend of mine owns the original; just wanted to toss that out there </humblebrag>.

First the amount of white space around the print is very much appreciated. When you frame a large print – and this doesn’t seem large until you see it in person and realize that it’s huge – you generally want a larger frame to balance the weight of the piece. This usually means leaving a good 2″ of border and matting it so that there’s space between the print image and the thick frame.

The image itself seems to be reproduced at actual size, but in person the detail seems slightly blurred or off; I had assumed the had enlarged the image slightly for the print. It’s not a deal breaker, considering the price, but still. Also the original (like so many Mizuno pieces) uses gold metallic. It reproduces will enough into a print, but it would have added something if gold detail had actually been added post-production. Those are my only gripes though and they are relatively minor.

On the whole though I’m thrilled to have this print in my collection and I cant wait to see it framed!

My Collection: Miss Mindy’s “Down the Rabbit Hole”

Miss Mindy's "Down the Rabbit Hole"

Miss Mindy and C. J. Metzger just wrapped up a show at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland called “Through The Looking Glass” and I am thrilled to say that I have added Miss Mindy’s “Down the Rabbit Hole” to my collection! The odd thing is that I didn’t ask about the size because I couldn’t care less because I had to have it. The painting it about 5″ x 7″ though, possible a touch larger, and it’s beautiful in person.

With this piece my Miss Mindy collection is growing quite nicely, three originals, which I think just put her in the lead for most original pieces from a single artist in my humble collection. I also love the way Miss Mindy frames pieces, they’re both appropriate for the piece and unique; most pre-framed pieces I buy from galleries are white frame, white mat, which is acceptable but boring. I love how this is framed so I won’t re-frame when it comes home at the end of the show, and that is awesome because that really cuts down on the true cost of the piece. Normally even a very small piece (say 5″ x 7″) is going to cost between $75-$125 to frame properly. The only thing I won’t assume for this piece is that it’s behind UV glass, which means it will get a slightly shadier spot on the wall.

My Collection: Celeste by Rudy Fig

Celeste (Galactic Space Babe) by Rudy Fig

I’m super excited that I was able to pick up “Celeste (Galactic Space Babe)” by Rudy Fig from her Black Friday Sale last night. Her oil paintings are out of my price range – though they are stunning – so I was excited to be able to get this piece, which is the size of a business card, for only $20. There are still a bunch of these mini originals available in her shop as well as some drawings, prints, and a few sculptures.

It was hard to decide which to get, but I picked “Celeste” because I love how strange the disembodied head is and the colors are really beautiful. It’s so her style and adorable, I’m in love with this tiny artwork. The hand-cut edges are making me a little nervous, I would have loved a 1″ margin and straight edges, but that’s just for framing reasons. I’m very excited to see this piece in person and will definitely post about it when it arrives home!