Walter and the Coov at Stitch Rock 2015

Walter and the Coov at Stitch Rock 2015

Walter and the Coov at Stitch Rock 2015

We’re back from Stitch Rock 2015! It was such a wonderful experience and I loved meeting our fellow crafters and makers. I wanted to share some photos of our table, above is the Halloween section which was, by far, the most popular. We sold out of eyeball earrings and almost sold out of eyeball necklaces. I wish people wanted Halloween 24/7 because I could easily do an all-Halloween goth shop.

Walter and the Coov at Stitch Rock 2015

Walter and the Coov at Stitch Rock 2015

Next up, the kokeshi box! I feel like these were not displayed well at all, but those of you who know craft shows know that when you do a show your table gets bumped a lot, and my thin kokeshi kept taking a tumble. A lot of people were interested, but they didn’t want to pay so much. In fact, we sold only $10 or less items, but we sold a bundle of them.

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Lolita Macaroon Resin Jewelry Set

Macaroon Jewelry Set

So excited! I’m so in love with these macaron images that I hope to have lots more jewelry with them up in the shop soon! Here you have a super sweet Macaroon Jewelry Set in yellow and green featuring a cameo shaped necklace and heart shaped ring. All of the other lolitas at the tea party will silently hate on how awesome you are when you rock it … guaranteed!

Macaroon Jewelry Set

I’ll be back later today with, hopefully, the August goals post. Wish me luck!

Yellow Resin Necklaces for Sunday

Believe it or not yellow is actually one of my favorite colors, so I thought it would be fun to have a Yellow Sunday post today for the shop, of course!

Yellow Sunday Mosaic

The Butterfly Garden Jewelry Set is something new for Spring, it features a new color of matte GID (glow in the dark) glitter that’s really unique. Because it’s oval it sort of reminds me of an Easter Egg too.

Macarons are such a staple of the lolita culture I absolutely had to make something sweet with them, which is where the Yellow Macaron Necklace comes in. These macarons have got to be my new favorite thing so expect to see more of them.

Two of these come with Mystery Gifts, which I love including, Three Little Pigs Cameo and Super Animal Yellow Necklace to be precise.

Update: Links removed because these items are no longer available. Thank you for your support!