Doll Haul: Monster High Zombie Shake, Gloom and Bloom, Freaky Field Trip, and Creepateria

Monster High - Venus McFlytrap - Gloom and Bloom

Venus McFlytrap – Gloom and Bloom

Recently my Target decided to liquidize it’s entire Monster High section to (hopefully) make room for a much-needed stock update. Since most of the dolls had their prices cut in half I ended up picking out some new ones I hadn’t originally planned on buying. Above is the Gloom and Bloom series Venus McFlytrap, which I didn’t think I really even wanted, but now that I have her I absolutely love her. The dress and accessories are adorable, too; I’ve always liked Venus Flytraps, even though I accidentally killed the only one I’ve ever owned. The only bad thing is that my MH Venus had this nasty glue oozing out of the back of her hair when I unboxed her. I washed it out and I think she’s okay, but only time will tell if she has the creeping glue problem.

Rochelle Goyle - Zombie Shake Series

Rochelle Goyle – Zombie Shake Series

Next is Rochelle Goyle from the Zombie Shake 2-pack. Eventually I’d like to have ever Rochelle release and since this set was on sale for $15 I picked it up. The cracks on her arms and legs are way too dark for me, and mine has flecks of rogue teal paint on her face. I might fix all of that with a little acetone though. Her eye makeup is too dark for my taste, except the lipstick, the neckline of the dress is wonky, but I love the hair. A mixed bag, really.

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Doll Haul: Ever After High Cheshire, Darling Charming, Spring Unsprung, and Just Sweet

Every After High - First Wave Cheshire

Kitty Cheshire – Daughter of the Cheshire Cat

Today I went shopping to celebrate the end of my week-long training (hence no Studio Portrait Friday this week) and I gave in and bought some Ever After High dolls! I’ve been eyeing them for a little while, but I haven’t collected them before now. Anything with a strong Alice in Wonderland focus is like candy to me so there was no way I was going to be able to resist for long. Above is Kitty Cheshire, the standard/core or first wave version, she’s so creepy cute. I love the lavender and black color scheme, her clothes, and all of the Cheshire Cat details.

Ever After High - Darling Charming

Darling Charming – Daughter of King Charming

I also picked up Darling Charming, the daughter of King (formerly Prince?) Charming. She’s all about wearing armor and kicking butt, and she actually reminds me a lot of Sapphire from Disgaea 3. Sapphire, too, was all about subverting the dominant paradigm by insisting on rescuing herself. Three cheers for armor as well.

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Throwback Thursday: First Wave Rochelle Goyle

Monster High Rochelle Goyle

I thought it would be fun to post a bit of a Throwback Thursday here with these photos of first wave Monster High doll Rochelle Goyle that I took back in May 2012. Rochelle was my first Monster High doll and, even though I customized the one in the photos, she is easily my favorite of all the monsters. In fact I just bought her (again) off of eBay since I regretted customizing her in the first place!

Monster High Rochelle Goyle

I would say Rochelle is my favorite Monster High doll because she’s the only one that I want every incarnation of (with the possible exception of Zombie Shake). I have endless love for Rochelle. I wouldn’t say that I love Draculaura, but my collection would disagree because I have four of her already.

Monster High Rochelle Goyle

Rochelle has such a lovely expression and color scheme, the stone flecks in her skin are so cool, I’m a Rochelle girl all the way.

For the longest time I didn’t want to post any doll stuff on the blog because I felt like people wouldn’t take my literary scholarship seriously if I did. I think teaching changed all that because I realized you need to be authentic to yourself. If someone comes here and thinks that being an adult collector of dolls bars me from being serious or intellectual, then they are about to have their horizons expanded. So dolls and books, that’s me, and I like it.

Monster High Collection Update!

Monster High CAM Reroot

Happy Tuesday everyone! I thought it would be fun to post a Monster High dollhouse update since I’ve been collecting them like crazy since my Mouscedes purchase three weeks ago. One of my favorite parts of starting a new hobby is that initial stage where you catch up on your collection. Above you can see a Create a Monster witch whose wig I rerooted! I started the reroot years ago and just finished it about two weeks ago. It was so much work I don’t think I’ll be doing it again anytime soon, but I’m really happy with the results. She’s dressed in some old Pullip/Dal stock and is holding Cornice’s plush Felicia doll.

Monster High Exchange Draculaura

I also picked up with Monster Exchange Draculaura doll this week. I bought this and the Lagoona one off of Amazon because it was a bit cheaper, but I’m realizing that this is a bad idea since (as and MH collector can tell you) a lot of the dolls have eye wonk. My Lagoona has two totally different shaped eyes so right now she’s in the box while I figure out what to do with her. It looks like Monster High dolls, like Lalaloopsy, really need to be bought in person. A struggle due to all the Target exclusives and the fact that no Target around here has ever stocked anything well.

Monster High Iris Clops

Next the absolute coolest Monster High release yet: Iris Clops! She was originally a SDCC exclusive in 2014 (which I just bought off ebay because I’m crazy) and they just came out with this “I Heart Fashion” edition. I had been going to local Toys R Us once a week to pick her up and I finally got one! I’m very excited. I love eyeballs so this is probably my new favorite Monster High girl (sorry Rochelle!). I completely love her olive hair too.

Monster High Collection

So here we have it! The collection as of this weekend. They’re spilling out of their allocated doll cubes on my Ikea bookshelf so I’m reorganizing things again to make room for them. Addiction!