Random Haiku 12/17/11

Stilled under the ground,
Ripped backwards into the light,
She, my living heart.

Consuming the world,
I am ten thousand monsters,
Razing the landscape.

Hear me calling out,
The siren across the street,
Crushing Argonauts.

Haunted by the sight,
Gnawed down by hope they drift by,
Gangrenous crewmates.

Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym haiku

Your broken pink mouth,
Quivers beneath vacant eyes,
Chewing paint off walls.

– Inspired by a photo of creepy BJDs on Tumblr, the little icon version looked like two sick, dying children. It was super creepy to me that someone would decorate dolls that way, fetishizing terminal illness. So I decided to make the haiku equally creepy.