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A beautiful and traditional doll craft that has stolen my heart

Strawberry Kokeshi Series at Shana Logic

Strawberry Kokeshi Set

Strawberry Kokeshi Doll Series

I’m very happy to announce that my Strawberry Kokeshi series is up at Shana Logic! These kokeshi were a special request from Shana and I’m so proud of how they turned out. They took a very long time for me to embellish because they are crammed full of love. I wanted each one to be as perfect as possible, but still unique. Their strawberry bows are my favorite detail, and I bought them specifically to make these girls. They also have vintage beads and Swarovski crystal embellishments. I hope you like them! If you adopt one I would love for you to leave a comment and say hi.

Update: These are no longer available. Thank you to everyone who took one home.

Kokeshi #71 Purple Geo

Kokeshi #71 Purple Geo

Kokeshi #71 Purple Geo

I have a new kokeshi doll available today: #71 Purple Geo. I made her a while back, but I didn’t photograph her until just recently. With this kokeshi I wanted to something sharp and clean that looked almost like an abstract geode. Purple is my favorite color and I decided to make her monochromatic because of that. Purple Geo has little eyelashes and purple lipstick for that feminine feel. I tried wearing lipstick that color once and I looked absurd; Geo pulls it off though.

I tried something a little different with the photos for Geo; since my Mac is dying I’ve been spending less time using it, but it’s where Photoshop lives. For Geo’s photos I took them with my iPhone and adjusted them there, too. I hope they don’t look too bad in quality/color because it really helped me save time. For items that I can make multiple copies of I’m still using my fancy camera, but for one of a kind I’m thinking of using my phone to save time (and the life of my Mac).

Unfortunately, the color balance of my Dell is still way off and I don’t have the admin privileges I need to fix it (work computer) so even though this photo looks good on my iPhone is looks blue on my Dell. Why Dell would send out all their Latitude computers with this blue-tastic color profile is beyond me. I also clearly don’t know how to keep my photos the same on every computer (ie: regardless of color profile) and a quick look through Etsy lets me know about half of everyone is in the same boat. I’ve gone through a few tutorials who claim to know how to fix that exact problem and their solutions did not work at all, so if you think you know how to fix is please let me know of leave a link, I would really appreciate it.

New Kokeshi at Shanalogic

Kokeshi at Shanalogic

Great news! The kokeshi that I blogged about are now up at Shanalogic! Shana’s photos came out so beautifully, I feel so lucky to be working with her shop. It looks like C has already sold out (amazing, thank you to who ever adopted her), but A and B are still available. I’ll let you know when the blue/brown kokeshi are available there, too. Enjoy your Saturday all!

Update: Links removed because these items are no longer available. Thank you for your support!

Kokeshi #77 Red Queen

Kokeshi #77 Red Queen

Well after a long time in the studio, the Red Queen kokeshi is finally finished! I ended up placing her hair bun a bit askew and embellished her with metal roses in red and greenish-gray, plus faux pearls, and a flower bead. My staples! I’m also enjoying painting lips on the dolls instead of the little crooked smile, so I’ll probably keep doing that more often than not. On the whole I’m really pleased with how she came out, especially after such a long hiatus.

Yesterday I finished the ice cream kokeshi so hopefully I’ll get her photographed amidst this week’s continuing packing frenzy. Plus I started a large, Day of the Dead themed kokeshi doll, busy me!

~ Brigitte