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Persona 5 Player Diary: The First 15 Hours

I’ve been playing the Persona series for a while now, with not a few games under my belt, so when it became known that Persona 5 was finally coming out (and on PS3, no less, since I’m not buying a PS4 to play one game), I immediately pre-ordered it. In the three days I’ve had it, I’ve clocked around 17 hours, but I think at least a few of them are when I left the game on and ate dinner. Regardless, I always have a lot of feelings about this game, best to get them out now while they’re fresh. Major spoilers ahead.

You play as a shaggy-haired man (boy), per usual. By 2017 it would have really been nice to be able to play as a girl character. It looks like the “support” person is a girl, as freaking always, whatever. Anyway, your main character breaks up what appears to be an attempted rape, then gets sued by the guy who’s assaulting the woman, and you get probation. Since it’s Japan (or so the logic goes) you have to transfer schools and live in the attic of a cafe this random guy owns. Thanks mom and dad! At the school you’re immediately labeled as a delinquent because … people don’t want you breaking up their rapes? Then it becomes obvious that the volleyball coach, Kamoshida, is – wait for it – a rapist! Will these rapes I have to break up never end?! The answer is no. A student friend-of-a-friend is raped by Kamoshida and attempts suicide at the school. It’s the job of you and your plucky band of outsiders to stop this monster by infiltrating his heart!

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Project Runway Season 10: Elena’s Collection

For this season of Project Runway I’ve been good about not looking at the finale collections, since it really does sort of ruin the surprise, but as people leave the show I allow myself to check out their decoy collections. I wasn’t a huge fan of Elena at the beginning of the show – when she was being super crazy – but after the “I’m not normally a b***h” episode she really started to grow on me. She looks so happy in the photo above! Incidentally, I think it was nuts to send her home over Melissa last week, it smacks of producer tampering. Don’t get me wrong, I like Melissa and her work, but that baby outfit was indefensible.

I finally let myself look at Elena’s Fashion Week collection last night and I’m in love with it! I’d wear almost everything she made, so I had to post about it here. Remember when I used to blog about Proj all the time? The show has made me so mad I had to stop, but maybe I should start again for All Stars.

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How I got the AC:CF GracieGrace Princess furniture without losing my mind

Well it darn near killed me, but I now have the entire Princess furniture set from GracieGrace! Not without a world of pain though, I assure you. Basically what happened is, after my last post, I went to the city to buy some of the furniture only to realize that a sale had started and three of my four most wanted pieces were “sold out,” which happens at the end of the season as items go on sale. I decided, stupidly, to time travel back one day to buy the missing pieces, but when I did the whole shop was sold out! Apparently it’s one of the hilarious ways that Animal Crossing: City Folk punishes time travel. Not cool.

After a lot of debating I decided to go ahead and time travel way back so I could get all of the Princess furniture series, mostly because I thought that AC:CF was being completely unfair by punishing my less-than-24-hour rewind so mercilessly. If you are interested, I’m now going to post my “How to Time Travel and Get the GracieGrace Princess Set with Minimal Consequences Guide,” which I hope will help others offset the strangely unforgiving AC:CF engine. The same method could be used for any of the other furniture series as well, I’m sure. If you aren’t playing Animal Crossing this is going to be super boring so I suggest you don’t bother with it.

Before you start you need to get at least one non-native fruit tree going. The easiest way to do so is to mail a piece of your town’s fruit to an animal and use the word “fruit” somewhere in the letter. After about 20 letters I got 3 pieces of fruit (orange, peach, and coconut) and two of them took (grew into trees) after being planted. Coconuts should be planted next to the beach in that half sand/half grass sweet spot, the nice thing is that they’re worth the same as non-native fruit in AC:CF (they were worth slightly less in AC:WW). An easy way to get fruit trees to take is to chop down an existing tree, dig up the stump, and plant the fruit in the resulting hole.

Once you have a few non-native fruit trees going you can get ready to time travel, in the end you’ll need around 50 non-native fruit trees, so plant as many as you can ahead of time, even if they’re just saplings have some set up. Also, most/all of your flowers are going to die during this process so take any of the ones you want to keep (like any hybrids you might have) and store them inside. Then go into your Wii settings (not the AC:CF settings) and change the date to the day before the series you want goes live, for the Princess series this is January 31st. Then I went to the city to check on the shop, the Princess set was still displayed as “sold out” (even though it shouldn’t have been there at all), but when I talked to Labelle (the shop girl) she said they’d be getting a new series “tomorrow.” Since I was burnt out I ended up actually turning off the game and starting it the next day.

The next day I checked on the shop and the whole Princess series was in stock again, I bought the pieces I needed and headed back home. At this point you should be re-planting the non-native fruit trees as they produce fruit until you get 50 of them, preferably around Nook’s shop to save time. Once you confirm the Princess series is in stock and re-plant fruit save/quit and time travel using the Wii settings 3 days forward. After 3 days all of the trees will have fruit on them again, you should harvest/replant the fruit and, once you have 50 trees going, sell the extras at Nook’s. I also sold any fossils I found, which helps a little bit. Then save/quit, time travel 3 more days using the Wii settings, and repeat.

The reason that changing the date in the Wii settings is so important is because the game has a harder time “detecting” the time travel than if you do the time changes in-game. There are less consequences and you’ll do less damage to the town, in the end a resident I didn’t want to leave moved out, and there was more grass loss (desertification) than I was happy with, but that was it.

Once you have all 50 trees going just repeat the process of going forward 3 days and selling all the fruit. 50 trees will get you 75,000 bells each time and you’ll need a total of 1,524,000 bells to buy the whole set at full price. If you’re starting from 0 bells and don’t sell any fossils this will take 20 played days so be warned! Remember too that on the 15th of April GracieGrace will start her end-of-season sale and items will start disappearing. Last but not least here’s a price list of the Princess furniture items to help you out:

Bed 80,000 bells
Cage 90,000 bells
Carpet 124,000 bells
Chair 120,000 bells
Chest 220,000 bells
Closet 180,000 bells
Curio 98,000 bells
Dresser 80,000 bells
Lamp 68,000 bells
Sofa 100,000 bells
Table 240,000 bells
Wall 124,000 bells

In my opinion the Princess Sofa is the best piece from the whole set, you can see all the Princess set items above, the only items not from the set are the pink roses on the table, the silver fishing trophy on the left wall, and the cool globe (Nature Day) on the back wall. The cake shirt and veil my character is wearing seem to be unofficially part of the set too.

I hope this guide was helpful to you! Best of luck!