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Shop: Haiku Mini Stickers

Haiku Mini Sticker Set

Haiku Mini Sticker Sheet on Etsy

When I was re-organizing all my craft supplies a few weeks ago I found these sheets of haiku mini stickers that I made a few years ago. I originally ordered them to use as graffiti, sticking them on light posts and bathrooms (which I did do again recently, rebel), but I thought it would be fun to pop them in the shop too. My favorite is:

I, fat unicorn,
Ravage cotton candy clouds,
Make sweet detritus.

There are two about novels as well (The Great Gatsby and The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym) which are much darker than I remembered them being. Definitely an eclectic mix of poems, to say the least. I’m feeling the need to make a new haiku zine soon!

Shop: Peace Sign Guitar Pick Earrings

Peace Sign Guitar Pick Earrigs

Peace Sign Guitar Pick Earrings on Etsy

My boyfriend and I have been collaborating a lot lately so the shop is getting some new things I would have never though of, like these peace pick earrings! These earrings are handmade using real guitar picks that he had custom made, none of those mass manufactured picks for us! They have a real rock/hippie vibe, which is so him. The peace pick earrings come in a rainbow of colors and wholesale discounts are available, just contact me.

Enjoy the end of the weekend and (if you’re celebrating it) Father’s Day! Boyfriend and I are going to my dad’s where we are going to attempt a vegetarian cookout alongside dad grilling steak presumably. Should be an adventure!

Shop: Preserved June Bug Necklace

Preserved Insect Necklace

Preserved June Bug Necklace on Etsy

The creepiest thing I make – by far – is finally back in stock! Every year I find a few dead june bugs outside of my house and, when I can, I’ve made them into necklaces. This year I found a good amount, including some really big ones, so I now have a couple of necklaces available in the shop. My aunt and uncle are entomologists (bug scientists) so bugs really never bothered me, I actually think they’re quite beautiful! Unlike my aunt and uncle though, I would never kill a bug, so the number of june bug necklaces I make is determined by how many come to my door. I hope you like it!

Shop: Large Art Nouveau Cameo Necklace

Mucha Cameo Big

Large Nouveau Cameo Necklace

I spent the (wonderfully) long weekend in the studio, working on jewelry for the first time in ages and restocking my supplies. I have to say it was wonderful! I had no idea how much I had missed it. When I took photos this weekend I also realized that the battery on my camera is pretty much defunct forever, oops! Even though it needs replacing, I thankfully got enough photos to last for a bit.

The cameo necklace above is the first new thing I’ve posted in awhile and it’s one of a kind. About twelve years ago a friend of mine went to Europe and brought me home a Mucha figurine. The package it came in is what I’ve made my nouveau cameo necklaces out of. Because of that the print quality is really lovely, not any of that home printer nonsense (my printer is the worst anyway).

The clear dome is rubbery to resist scratches and the cameo is embellished with faux pearls and rhinestones. I hope you like it!

Update: This piece is no longer available. Thank you for your support!