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Shop: Nature Girl Bird Ring for Autumn

Lately I’ve definitely been feeling the Fall/Halloween vibe and, if the sudden uptick in evil eye jewelry orders is any indication, you all are feeling it too! Today I decided to add this very autumnal Nature Girl Bird Ring to the shop; of my first batch of rings it’s easily one of my favorites. I also had my first sale from the Nature Girl Collection so I’m pretty excited about that! This ring is up on Storenvy and is completely one of a kind.

~ Brigitte

Shop: New Nature Girl Rings

Two new Nature Girl Collection Bird Rings are up in the shops as of this morning! Everyone seemed to really like the first batch so I meant to have these up sooner, but I’ve been so busy lately. I definitely do not have a handle on balancing work and regular life just yet, though I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before I do. If either of these rings tickle your fancy you can pick them up on Storenvy, just remember, they’re each one of a kind!

Happy September everyone!

~ Brigitte

Shop: Nature Girl Bird Rings

It’s official, the first of the Nature Girl Collection bird rings are up in the shops! The first to be released were made using a really pretty turquoise and lavender feather pattern. They were in the preview photo I posted a few days ago, but it really didn’t do them justice. I got up extra early this morning to get the photos ready to go before work! I hope you like them, each is completely one of a kind and can be adopted on Storenvy. Have a great day, all!

~ Brigitte

Nature Girl Jewelry Collection Preview

Today I felt like posting a preview of some pieces from a new jewelry collection I’m calling “Nature Girl.” All of the pieces have a natural, outdoor, hippie kind of vibe and are made using reappropriated materials like encyclopaedia pages and canceled stamps paired with antique brass finished settings. My bff Karlen has been busy road testing the ring on the left to make sure it’s durable and comfortable – and she’s given it the thumb’s up! More pieces will be posted soon, feel free to let me know when you think of them!

~ Brigitte