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Nendoroid More Halloween Sets: Vampire and Witch

Nendoroid More Halloween Sets: Girl and Boy

Two new Nendoroid More sets are here for Halloween 2017: Vampire (boy) and Witch (girl). Why they’re labeled as a boy and girl set rather than what their costumes are is beyond me, be que sera sera. They are a August 2017 release, and both sets are currently in stock (links below). Nendoroid More is a line of accessories and environments/swag for Nendoroids that are bought separately from the figures. These accessories range from cute (Pikachu case for extra Nendo head) to strange (office clothes bodies and tanks) and are interchangeable with all Nendoroids.

Nendoroid More Halloween Set: Girl Version

The Witch set is up first because it’s my favorite. Witch-themed anything is going to capture my attention, and the idea of being able to dress one of my Nendos up for Halloween is too cute. I hit the pre-order button very quickly on this cutie.

Nendoroid More Halloween Set: Girl Version

The Nendoroid More Witch set comes with a purple and orange plaid base with stand, ghost with stand, witchy girl body, pumpkin pale, witch hat, devil horns, pitchfork, devil tail, and zombie hand. Not shown are stickers of spider webs, fangs, scars, and blood drips that are also included with the set. You can see one of the spider web stickers on the figure above; since they’re single use I don’t see them as much of a selling point, but I won’t complain about them as extras.

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Sailor Pachi Pachi Cute Toys

As I’ve been packing I’ve been trying to set aside the toys that I want to photograph before the big move and these quite old chibi Sailor Moon Stars toys were high on the list. Sailor Moon was the only anime I ever got really into, but I was crazy about it! I even ran a Sailor Moon business for about a year. With the new animated series coming out my wallet is braced for impact, I can’t wait to see what kind of new toys are released, I’m personally hoping for a Sailor Moon Nendoroid series and more figures of the Amazon Quartet and other villains.

I really love the “chibi” style, which is why I bought these little figures over others. I still have Sailor Moon mint in package (nerd alert!) and if I find her while I’m packing I’ll try and take a few snaps. I know these figures are a little derpy, but they were amazing in 1999! I still wouldn’t part with them for anything. Incidentally I did find the Inner Senshi on Amazon and evilBay. Do any of you have super old Sailor Moon swag you’re still holding onto?

~ Brigitte

Halloween Mini Lalaloopsy Scraps Stitched n’ Sewn

Can you believe that it’s already been a year since I got my first Lalaloopsy? Of course that was Candy Broomsticks, the 2011 Target exclusive, so this year I was immediately on the hunt for the new edition. I didn’t do any research because I wanted the new design to be a total surprise and it was. This year’s quasi-Franken-girl was completely unexpected! Needless to say I think she is absolutely adorable. The blue skin alone is awesome, is this the first non-peach Lalaloopsy?

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Halloween Mini Lalaloopsy Candy Broomsticks

Busy? I’ve been busy! A week ago my Mom found a tiny kitten outside her restaurant, it was the middle of the night, it was covered in mud, and soaking wet. A week later Mr. Pants is home! He’s adorable and healthy, but I digress …

This is Candy Broomsticks! The Target exclusive Halloween Mini Lalaloopsy, I didn’t have any Lalaloopsies (?) before this, but she was too cute to pass up, plus this price was right! Halloween is my favorite holiday and I always have my eye out for awesome new spooky swag, too. Today during a kitten nap period I snapped some photos of her. Adorable, right? I hope they make more of these for other holidays, I don’t want to have just one now. Maybe a turkey one will surface next month? Fingers crossed!

~ Brigitte