52/06 Collage Project

The 52/06 Collage Project was my twisted brainchild and constant amusement for all of 2006. It started with my general disdain for New Year’s Resolutions, which I never seem to be able to remember for longer than a month, let alone put into practice for an entire year. Instead I decided a project would be better, so in an attempt to get me back on the saddle of the collage horse I decided to make 52 collages in 2006, so one a week, which I thought was pretty clever. Not only that but I decided to give them all way, for free, like the good samaritan that I am.

#1 Fall/Summer Mailer (Dad)  #2 Success (Dad)    #4 The Hammer and the Anvil (Dad)   #5 Plath On (Paul)

#6 Last Day of J (Dad)  #7 Cressida (Dad)  #8 No Regrets (Josh)  #9 Honeymoon with Yoko (Mike)  #10 Noodle's Good Fortune (Gene)

#11 Murdoc's Bad Day (Gene)  #12 Ancient Wisdom, Chocolate Buddha (Dad)  #13 Prayer to Anubis (Dad)  52/06 #14 Lil' Eva (Mike)  #15 Then What Happened? (Lysa)

#16 Hayao's Horse (Gene)  17 Rose of Sharon (Karlen)  #18 Stubborn Cska (Thais)  19 He Death (Josh)  #20 She Death (Josh)

#21 Carnal Treasure (Adam)  #22 Lie in Silence (Dad)  #23 Sad Chick (Dad)  #24 Have a Good Trip (Chauntel)  #25 My Only Vice Part 1 (Lily)

#26 My Only Vice Part 2 (Dad)  #27 Troubled Joy (Josh)  #28 Noveau Nature (Lynn)  #29 Bertha on Martinique (Ruth)  #30 Bastille (Chauntel)

#31 Miss Universe (Dad)  #32 Miss World(Dad)  #33 Something Blue(Stephanie)  #34 On Golden Party (Available)  #35 MKO (Dad)

#36 AO (Dad)  #37 The Louse (Dad)  #38 Choleric (Available)  #39 Escort (Available)

As you can see, I only was successful up until #39, even with a mad New Year’s Eve collage-a-thon, but even though I didn’t meet my goal, I’m still proud of myself, because that’s just the kind of person I am.

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