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Enchanted Doll Essay on Beauty and the Beast

Marina of Enchanted Doll (aka the doll above) is a genius. If you collect dolls in any way and haven’t heard of her work, prepare to have your standards raised. Below is part of an essay she wrote above the “Beauty and the Beast” doll (above) …

In my opinion, the fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast is a romanticized hostage situation, where the Beast is a narcissistic psychopath while the Beauty is his vulnerable hostage who is losing touch with reality and “falling in love” with her captor to survive a deeply traumatizing ordeal.

Moreover, the very act of romanticizing a fundamentally disturbing account of a woman’s abduction, subjugation and unlawful imprisonment into a pretty fairy tale to teach girls compassion and kindness towards monsters, seems to be a manifestation of a Stockhom syndrome in itself, perhaps to facilitate survivial in a world of systematic abuse and violence against women.

The full post is on her site here though I’ve reproduced most of it above. Brilliant, non?

Mermaid Princess Resin Necklace

Good morning everyone! Today I added a huge Mermaid Princess Resin Necklace to the shop. It has approximately a bazillion rhinestones and faux pearls on it … or six … whatever. Also I found a photo of the Beauty and the Beast necklace that I made for my friend; I thought I forgot to photograph it, but apparently I didn’t! Anyway I was happy with how it came out so I thought I’d show it off.

Soooo … for some unholy reason I woke up at 4 AM today, which means I’ll probably be going to sleep again soon. When I wake up (for the second time) I’ll be posting photos of the completed Flamingo Dal! Whee!! Until then, hope you all have a good day!

Beauty and the Beast Jewelry

Back Story: My wonderfully awesome friend Lauren is currently working on her creative writing Master’s thesis: a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. For Christmas I ended up making her a huge Beauty and the Beast necklace, which of course I neglected to photograph, and alongside it I ended up making a lot of other random B&B swag to take to Atomic Holiday. First up is a wee Beast (of Beauty and the) Resin Charm. I also added a new version of the Princess Tea Set Necklace to the shop today just because it sorta works with the theme.

Since I posted SPT today I’ll probably post SPF tomorrow, what way we can just keep being outta whack all week long ;3 you know, start the New Year off right! lol