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Doll Haul: Freak du Chic Clawdeen Wolf and Twyla

Clawdeen Wolf - Freak du Chic Series

Clawdeen Wolf – Freak du Chic Series

When I heard that new dolls were going to be released in Monster High’s Freak du Chic line I was really excited. The the dark circus theme really appeals to me, it makes me think of the Dark Moon Circus from Sailor Moon, and I love the “freakier” versions of the dolls. If you remember from my last Doll Haul post, my local-est Target recently cleared out it’s whole Monster High and Ever After High sections. Today when I went on a routine random item buying trip (clear hair bands and crazy glue, of course) I stopped in the doll aisle expecting to see nothing. Instead the aisle was stocked to the brim and, pushed back on one of the shelves, my two most wanted dolls: Freak du Chic Clawdeen Wolf and Twyla! Neither had wonk eye or messed on paint and they were the only ones there, I’m still in shock, I’m not the kind of person who stumbles on “finds” often (not since I got Animal Crossing DS a day before it’s official release at an unwitting Game Stop, which used up my nerd luck for a decade). Okay, long story over, on to the dolls:

Clawdeen Wolf is in a different color scheme than normal, having gray skin instead of brown, and black and lavender hair. She’s a lion tamer and is making a cat lion jump through a hoop. Clawdeen has yellow eyes and these odd purple streaks on her cheeks, which I can’t remove like I want to because I like the purple blushing underneath. The back of her box has the same description as the first wave Freak du Chic dolls.

Twyla Boogeyman - Freak du Chic Series

Twyla Boogeyman – Freak du Chic Series

Twyla is a stilt walker and has some pretty insane stilt shoes on, I especially love this because she has the “little sister” body that makes her shorter than other Monster High dolls. Her outfit is black, white, and mint with the cutest spider print. Well, I think spiders are cute anyway. She has mint blushing on her cheeks and swirl details under her eyes. Twyla’s normal straight mint hair is super curly and has black streaks.

While I really like both of these dolls, Twyla is my favorite at the moment, but that’s not surprising considering that she’s my favorite MH doll after Rochelle Goyle. I love her outfit so much I would wear it as a Halloween costume. Any one else picking of the second wave Freak du Chic dolls?

Doll Haul: Monster High Haunted, Boo York, and Sweet Screams Dolls

Monster High: Mouscedes King

It all started when one of my Instagram friends posted a photo of the new Monster High doll, Mouscedes King (above). I’ve been interested in MH dolls off and on for years and even own a custom, but they never really captured my attention the way Pullips did. Now that I’m winding down with Pullip collecting I found myself super excited about Monster High dolls (you can get 4-6 MH dolls for the price of one Pullip). I spent a day running around to a bunch of stores and brought home a huge doll haul. By the way: you can follow me on Instagram at riotsqurrl if you like, but it’s private because I don’t let students follow me.

I love rats/mice so I’m very excited about Mouscedes, plus she has pink hair, a bonus. Her skin is translucent gray with blue flecks, it’s really pretty. Her stock clothes are nice too, I was pleasantly surprised.

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