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Studio Portrait Friday, October 27th Edition

Last week I posted part two of my studio photos of this new Zombuki Pullip doll, and today we have the last set of photos. As you can see above, a lot of new gold details have appeared and the lips have a top layer that’s a mix of pink and gold. I wanted her to be super detailed with lots of gold, but I got very gun shy about adding the gold to the eye design. In the end, though, I’m glad I did.

Here’s a photo of her getting close to the end, I put them together with the eyes and wigs many times to make sure the colors look right. Her eyes are from Cool Cat and her wig is from Leekeworld in the season limited color Bright Leaf. I’ve had it for over a year, so I think this particular combo is sold out, but they have been making the color available now and again.

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Studio Portrait Friday, October 20th Edition

Good morning and welcome to this week’s Studio Portrait Friday! Last week I had photos from the beginning of this new Zombuki Pullip, and she’s coming along nicely this week. I should have finished photos of her up by the end of next week, I’m thinking, if not slightly after.

Here you can see that I’ve added a lot of gold detail to her cheeks, like flower freckles, and the lips are starting to appear. Usually I paint the lips, or at least the shape, way earlier in the faceup process. It was a little strange to wait until so late, actually, and I ended up changing the lip shape after this because I just wasn’t happy with it.

Eye test! I was almost 100% sure that I was going to use these blue Marshmallow Chips from Cool Cat, but when I woke up in the morning I knew they were too much for her soft design. Side note: Cool Cat has made their Pullip chips smaller (too small imho), and so you’ll need to paint the edges of the eye mech to compensate.

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Eye Candy: Doll Eye Chip Collection

I love the term “eye candy,” but the chips I use to make dolls are literally like candy for eyes … and eye. Well maybe “literally” wasn’t accurate, but whatever. On the heels of an unproductive day I thought I’d color group and photograph all the chips I have. I’m not surprised I have so many blue, but I am surprised how few pink and yellow I have! You can click on the images to view them larger.

Zombuki Pistil Complete


Well, it’s official! Pistil is now the newest member of the Zombuki family! She is also, after a request from her patron, the very first Zombuki to receive a tattoo. On her left shoulder Pistil sports a black skull which, if you’ve seen the kokeshi, probably looks pretty familiar by now! I hope to have “real” photos of Pistil up very soon … truly, truly, truly outrageous photos, of course.