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Xhanthi Custom Skelita Calaveras Doll

Xhanthi Custom Skelita Repaint

I’m taking a deep breath to welcome in the fall season, and as the pumpkin spice fills my lungs, I’m overjoyed to see the number of amazing Halloween offerings that are already appearing. Thank you, September! An early standout is this upsettingly good Skelita Calaveras (Monster High doll) repaint by Xhanthi. It’s currently being auctioned off on eBay, ending September 27th 2017. I have no doubt that it will sell for a pretty penny, and with good reason.

Xhanthi Custom Skelita Repaint

The detail on this piece is remarkable; the mummified skin around the teeth is enough to make me bow down to her skills. I also like that Xhanthi decided to mix traditional horror elements into a Dia de los Muertos theme. Dia is fairly well-trod at this point, so it’s always nice when people mix it up. This includes me, by the way; I’ve done a few Day of the Dead dolls, but always want to do more. Just today I was thinking, “What can I do that’s a little different?” This doll accomplishes that.

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Studio Portrait Friday, June 12th Edition

June 10, 2015 Studio

I have a ton of photos to share for Studio Portrait Friday this week (officially back?!). First up is a new big noggin’ kokeshi girl. I haven’t made a giant kokeshi head in a long time (I think she will be my third) and I’m really excited about her. This photo was taken after about three hours of work on her, I now need to make her hair buns. I want to add a lot of roses to really push the Dead of the Dead vibe.

June 10, 2015 Studio June 10, 2015 Studio

Here are two progress photos that I took along the way. The first step is doing the sketch on the wood, and then doing the base colors in acrylic. Next I do the outlining work with more acrylic. A lot of my favorite old paints are colors that have been discontinued, I guess they were too garish for most people? Not me!

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Collection Cube: Gothic

Collection Cube: Gothic

I’ve been working on displaying all of my collectables in the 2×4 Ikea bookshelves and I thought I’d post a photo since I just got a new addition: the Day of the Dead cat figurine from Shanalogic. You can see it on the table on the left alongside the cat nerd Momiji (shop pic below). You can also see my Dal Angry by h. Naoto, Junko Mizuno toys, Super7 Pocket Gator and Pocket Killer figures, Sneaky Raccoon Dunny, a Halloween cat dish from Target, yeti toy, skull bottles, and a really old Beanie Baby rat. Really runs the gamut from fancy to not fancy, but I have pretty eclectic taste. Looks like I need something on the walls to make it look better, but still, it’s not a bad start! Today is the second day of summer for me (though summer school starts soon) and I’m hoping to have my shelves in good shape by the time we got back to school.

Photo from Shanalogic

New Zombuki for Halloween 2012: Amadaeus

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween! This year I wanted to do something special, but I’m moving in less than a week and things are a bit hectic, so I decided to reveal Amadaeus instead. Amadaeus is my first Zombuki Taeyang doll, made a touch over a year ago, and given to a good friend of mine who owns more Zombuki dolls than anyone else – even more than me! I wanted to thank her for all of her amazing support over the years and for being such a tremendous friend. He’s home with her now and will find good company in Eulalia Dia I’m sure.

I ended up liking the Taeyang face more than I thought I would and I think he ended up looking like quite the undead gentleman. I replaced the stock body, which I thought was horrid, with an Obitsu body. His mohair wig is a handmade one I’ve been hoarding for years and his eyes are white glitter in resin (handmade by me). If you’re looking for them, the flowers used in his crown were picked up at Michael’s Crafts, they have little wires attached so it’s easy to position them in place.

I hope you all liked finally seeing Amadaeus and I hope you have a wonderful Halloween!

~ Brigitte